Beach Bum Tanning Prices 2024 (Basking In Value)


Elevate your confidence and radiate with a sun-kissed glow, all courtesy of Beach Bum Tanning Salon – a true heavyweight in the indoor tanning industry.


Strategically positioned with over 50 locations sprinkled across the East Coast, they’ve brilliantly etched their mark, dominating the tanning realm.

Beach Bum Tanning doesn’t merely offer a tan; it delivers an opulent experience in a serene environment, guided by trained consultants who tailor advice to individual needs.

Their stellar tanning services, complemented by top-notch products and equipment, are not just about aesthetics. A session here transforms, as quality tanning boosts self-worth and ensures you put your best foot forward.

With a diverse range of Beach Bum Tanning prices 2024, this salon ensures a premium tan doesn’t dent your pocket.

Beach Bum Tanning Prices In 2024

Beach Pass Monthly Subscriptions

ServicesAverage Price
Sunless Booth$58

Step into the transformative world of Beach Bum Tanning, where elite Beach Pass Monthly Subscriptions await your selection.

Whether you opt for the Bronze, indulge in the Platinum, or gravitate towards the Diamond, each choice emanates radiance and expertise.

Craving something unique? The Sunless Booth offers a distinct, flawless tan, while the Airbrush subscription elevates tanning artistry.

Embrace these curated services, meticulously crafted for discerning individuals like you, ensuring every glow meets precision, elegance, and unmatched quality.

Beach Pass Upgrades

ServicesAverage Price
Sunless Sessions$10
Airbrush Sessions$25

Elevate your tanning journey with Beach Bum Tanning’s Beach Pass Upgrades. Opt for the Sunless Sessions to achieve a flawless, even hue, or choose the Airbrush Sessions for bespoke precision and artistry. Unlock unparalleled radiance tailored just for you.

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Sunbed Tanning Packages


ServicesAverage Price
Single Visit$14
5 Sessions$58
30 Day Membership$58
10 Sessions$98
1 Year Membership$280
20 Sessions$168

Harness the radiance offered by Beach Bum Tanning’s Bronze Package for sunbed tanning. Expertly designed, this package boasts an array of options: from a single radiance boost to a luminous year-long journey.

With choices spanning five to twenty sessions and extended memberships, it epitomizes tanning sophistication. Unveil a radiant version of yourself, backed by unparalleled industry know-how.


ServicesAverage Price
Single Visit$28
5 Sessions$118
10 Sessions$198
30 Day Membership$148
20 Sessions$338
1 Year Membership$680

Experience sun-kissed sophistication with Beach Bum Tanning’s Platinium Package. This premium sunbed tanning selection, pricier than its Bronze counterpart, offers you varied sessions, from brief glows to year-long commitments.

Masterfully curated, it assures unparalleled glow precision. Opt for the Platinium, knowing you’re investing in top-tier tanning finesse, guided by the industry’s most informed expertise.


ServicesAverage Price
Single Visit$38
5 Sessions$158
10 Sessions$268
30 Day Membership$198
20 Sessions$458
1 Year Membership$880

Choose the Diamond Package by Beach Bum Tanning for an elite tanning journey, elevating your glow above the ordinary.

Although this option demands a higher investment compared to the Platinium Package, it’s meticulously tailored for discerning tanners seeking exceptional results and premium service.

Trust the Diamond Package for unparalleled radiance and uncompromising quality.

Spray Tanning Packages

Sunless Booth

ServicesAverage Price
Single Visit$30
5 Sessions$138
10 Sessions$248
30 Day Membership$128
20 Sessions$478
1 Year Membership$580

Lean into the Sunless Booth Package by Beach Bum Tanning. Catering to those who prioritize a flawless, sun-kissed aura without UV exposure, this package guarantees pristine results.

With a wide array of session choices, from singular visits to extended memberships, it’s tailored to match diverse tanning aspirations.

Opt for this luxurious, UV-free alternative, and achieve that desired golden hue with confidence and precision.


ServicesAverage Price
Single Visit$45
5 Sessions$178
10 Sessions$318
30 Day Membership$198
20 Sessions$538
1 Year Membership$980

Select the Airbrush Package by Beach Bum Tanning for a meticulously crafted tan. This bespoke approach ensures a seamless, natural-looking radiance every time.

Whether you opt for a one-time session or commit to a longer membership, it’s the definitive choice for those seeking perfection in spray tanning. Entrust your glow to the precision of airbrush artistry and bask in the compliments that will surely follow.

Spa Packages

ServicesAverage Price
Single Visit$18
5 Sessions$78
10 Sessions$128
30 Day Membership$128
20 Sessions$218
1 Year Membership$580

Indulge in Beach Bum Tanning’s exquisite spa packages, meticulously designed to rejuvenate both mind and body. Whether you’re drawn to a singular revitalizing visit or prefer multiple sessions to consistently lavish your senses, there’s an option tailored for you.

Commit to a monthly membership or a yearly journey of serenity, ensuring consistent pampering. Achieve unparalleled relaxation and radiance, knowing each choice is a step toward holistic well-being.

First Time Guest

Buy 1 Get 1 Free (All Levels Available)
Infrared Sweat (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)
Sunless Booth (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)
Airbrush Tan (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)

Beach Bum Tanning extends a warm invitation to first-time guests with unparalleled offers designed to enchant them. Revel in their unmatched Buy 1 Get 1 Free proposition, accessible across all tanning levels.

Amplify the allure with the Infrared Sweat session or choose the impeccable precision of the Sunless Booth. Not to be outdone, the meticulous Airbrush Tan also boasts this enthralling deal.

Such a generous gesture epitomizes Beach Bum Tanning’s commitment to ensuring your radiant introduction is both memorable and captivating. Seize this unmatched opportunity to glow like never before.

Products Sold By Beach Bum Tanning

Indulge in Beach Bum Tanning’s elite collection of beauty and wellness products, each meticulously curated to offer premium experiences. Grace your beauty regimen with essentials like the B.Tan Tan Go Away Tan Eraser and the B.Tan We’ve Got Your Back Applicator, which promises perfection. Foot treatments?

Turn to the Baby Foot Moisturizing Foot Mask or the Original Exfoliation Foot Peel for rejuvenation. For that post-tan soothing touch, the Beach Mist After Sun Spray emerges as a favorite.

Dive further into exfoliation marvels with the Dermasuri Mitt Body Scrub or the Glo Bar Honey Loofah Exfoliator Bar. Spongelle’s range, from Pedi Buffers to the Wildflower Bath Sponge, encapsulates luxury in each use. But there’s more for the active souls.

The A-Trim Superior Weight Loss Supplement positions itself as a wellness companion, while the Sweet Sweat Stick and Waist Trimmer Belt Pink radiate commitment to your fitness journey. And when it comes to flaunting allegiance to the brand, the Beach Bum Coldest Water Bottle or the Beach Bum Women’s Pullover Fleece emerge as top choices.

For a dash of sass, don the GET NAKED Unisex T-Shirt or the Plan Your Tan T-shirt in charismatic charcoal. Embrace this array, meticulously aligned with Beach Bum Tanning’s ethos of quality and elegance.

Promotions/Offers By Beach Bum Tanning

Beach Bum Tanning consistently outshines with its vibrant promotional lineup. Currently making waves are offers like the ‘Bummin’It Apparel’ flaunting an enticing 20% discount.

Fashion enthusiasts, take heed! There’s a 15% slash on fresh apparel collections awaiting your wardrobe upgrade. Special days get even brighter as birthdays come paired with a celebratory 20% markdown, adding that extra shimmer to your day.

With such varied and continuous promotions, Beach Bum Tanning ensures you’re always in the loop for premium tanning experiences without straining the wallet. It’s not merely about discounts; it’s their way of celebrating the bond with valued patrons like you.

Keep an eye out, as they’re always innovating with fresh deals to elevate your tanning journey.

Gift Cards By Beach Bum Tanning

Gift-giving made seamless with Beach Bum Tanning’s e-gift cards, perfect for those ever-elusive choices. The e-gift card begins at just $10, scaling up in various denominations like $25, $35, and even $200.

The beauty lies in its quick processing, ready within 24-48 hours, and directed straight to an email or phone number, ensuring zero additional fees. Need a specific amount? Just use their ‘Contact Us’ form.

For those who treasure tangibility, Beach Bum’s physical gift cards step in. These cards, commencing at $25, come in increments of $50, $75, and soar up to $200.

While there’s a minimal $3.50 fee for the tangible touch, the ability to customize the sum remains consistent through the ‘Contact Us’ channel. Every card embodies a golden gesture, tailored to brighten someone’s day.

Beach Bum Tanning Hours Of Operation

Beach Bum Tanning ensures consistency in its service. They open their doors wide from Monday to Friday, starting at 10:00 AM and gracefully winding down by 9:00 PM.

Weekends bring a slight shift; both Saturday and Sunday operate from 10:00 AM but conclude a tad earlier at 6:00 PM. However, it’s pivotal to acknowledge the variance based on locations.

Before you mark your calendar for a session, always cross-check with your proximate store to align with their exact timing. Plan judiciously, ensuring you make the most of the sun-kissed glow they offer.

Operating DaysOperating Hours
Monday10:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Tuesday10:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Wednesday10:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Thursday10:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Friday10:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Saturday10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Sunday10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

History Of Beach Bum Tanning

In the vibrant borough of Manhattan, 1986 marked the inception of Beach Bum Tanning, a pioneering establishment in the beauty realm. From its roots, the enterprise flourished, now boasting over 50 salons spanning states from New York to West Virginia.

Amidst this growth, other notable brands like Seattle Sun Tan and Glo Tanning have also emerged, each carving their niche in the tanning industry.

Holding esteemed recognition, the brand has cemented itself as a beacon within communities. Their tanning consultants, highly trained, curate premier packages, ensuring each patron indulges in a luxe, personalized experience.

Remarkably, Beach Bum Tanning stood as an early adopter of airbrush tanning, seamlessly integrating organic and vegan solutions, thereby resonating with the eco-aware clientele.

Whether it’s for self-pampering, gearing up for a holiday, or just to unwind, their state-of-the-art indoor tanning equipment, coupled with deluxe amenities like facial tanners and aromatherapy packages, enhances every visit.

The salon’s legacy? An unwavering commitment to premium services manifested through its thoughtful memberships, aligning rates and packages with varied needs. This dedication has rightly elevated Beach Bum Tanning, making it an undisputed frontrunner in East Coast tanning elegance.

Final Words

In summing up the extensive dive into Beach Bum Tanning Prices 2024, it becomes evident that this establishment not only offers a broad spectrum of services but does so at a value proposition that speaks to its dedication to clientele.

The alignment of cost with premier services showcases the brand’s commitment to maintaining a balance between luxury and affordability.

Such a harmonious blend, tailored to fit diverse needs, encapsulates the essence of their business model, ensuring patrons always receive top-tier experiences without compromising on their budgets.

As the beauty industry evolves, brands like Beach Bum Tanning set the gold standard in presenting transparent pricing structures, emphasizing the maxim that exceptional quality can, indeed, be accessible.

It serves as a testament to their standing as an industry leader, ever poised to offer unmatched tanning expertise.

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