Spavia Prices 2024 (Balancing Affordability & Luxury)


Elevate your wellness journey by indulging in the luxurious and exceptional services that Spavia offers. This eminent spa provides select treatments tailored to meet your unique needs and desires.


At Spavia, certified therapists and estheticians serve with utmost personalized professionalism, their expertise and knowledge helping shape the perfect spa experience for you.

The focus on value for money shines through in their approach, combining first-class products with spa treatments designed to enrich your well-being.

More than a mere spa, Spavia is an investment in yourself, offering a remarkable blend of affordability and quality, bringing balance to your body and mind. With Spavia’s exquisite service, each visit promises to be an opportunity for self-discovery and rejuvenation.

Dive into this comprehensive guide to Spavia prices in 2024 and discover how this prestigious spa crafts an experience that leaves a lasting impression of contentment and serenity.

Spavia Prices In 2024


ServicesAverage Price
Signature Massage
60 Min$109
80 Min$129
100 Min$149
Maternity Massage
60 Min$109
80 Min$129
Couples Massage
60 Min$218
80 Min$258
100 Min$298
Four Hand Massage
60 Min$218
80 Min$258
Traveling Chair Massage
60 Min$109
90 Min$149
Deep Tissue Therapeutic
60 Min$129
80 Min$149
100 Min$169
Salt Stone Massage
60 Min$129
80 Min$149
100 Min$169
Sports Massage
60 Min$129
80 Min$149
100 Min$169
Cause+Medic CBD Muscle Cream Boost
Added Boost$15
Cause+Medic CBD Full Body Boost
Added Boost$30
Hypervolt Boost
Added Boost$10
Hypervolt Boost Plus

Their signature massage is an extraordinary experience tailored to your needs. Opt for different durations depending on your requirements, making each session as restful or invigorating as you desire.

For expecting mothers, Spavia’s maternity massage presents a gentle and nurturing escape, easing the strains of pregnancy in a soothing environment.

Adventurous souls may delight in the exclusive Four-Hand Massage, where two professional therapists work in harmony to stimulate your senses.

For those on the go, the Traveling Chair Massage provides swift relief, targeting key stress points. Delve deeper into muscular relaxation with the Deep Tissue Therapeutic massage, or embrace the healing warmth of the Salt Stone Massage.

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts may benefit from the Sports Massage, explicitly designed to enhance performance and recovery.

Meanwhile, Spavia’s innovative Cause+Medic CBD Muscle Cream Boost and Full Body Boost incorporate the therapeutic benefits of CBD for enhanced relaxation. The Hypervolt Boost and Boost Plus take this to the next level, employing modern technology for unrivaled rejuvenation.

Skin Care

ServicesAverage Price
Signature Classic Refresh Facial
Go & Glow, Refresher Peel$109
Age Defense Facial
60 Min$129
Soothing Recovery Facial
60 Min$129
Purifying Acne Facial
60 Min$129
Revitalizing Lift
70 Min$149
Regenerating Organic Lift
70 Min$149
Brightening Oxygen Lift
70 Min$149
Pure Radiance Lift
70 Min$149
40 Min$129
60 Min$149
Go & Glow Refresher Peel
30 Min$109
Acne Lift Peel
30 Min$129
50 Min$149
Lightening Lift Peel
30 Min$129
50 Min$149
Wrinkle Lift Peel
30 Min$129
50 Min$149
Eye Brightening Mask Boost$30
Purifying Mask Boost$30
Revitalizing Mask Boost$30
Soothing Mask Boost$30
Seasonal Facials
60 Min$129
70 Min$149

Each treatment is thoughtfully designed to nurture your skin, starting with the Signature Classic Refresh Facial for a revitalizing burst or the quick ‘Go & Glow, Refresher Peel’ for instant rejuvenation.

Spavia’s Age Defense Facial and Soothing Recovery Facial are designed to combat the signs of aging and the impacts of a stressful lifestyle, respectively. Tackle stubborn acne with their Purifying Acne Facial which incorporates deep cleansing and calming techniques.

For a lift that transcends the ordinary, try the Revitalizing Lift, Regenerating Organic Lift, Brightening Oxygen Lift, or Pure Radiance Lift – each delivering a unique blend of revitalizing ingredients and methods.

The Hydraderm treatment, available in varying durations, infuses the skin with moisture while lightening, wrinkling, and acne lift peels target specific skin concerns.

Complement your treatment with mask boosts like Eye Brightening, Purifying, Revitalizing, or Soothing. Seasonal Facials, tuned to the changing needs of your skin throughout the year, cap off this expertly curated suite of skin care services offered by Spavia.

Men’s Treatment

ServicesAverage Price
Men’s Deep Tissue Therapeutic
60 Min$129
80 Min$149
100 Min$169
Men’s Sports Massage
60 Min$129
80 Min$149
100 Min$169
Men’s Signature Massage
60 Min$109
80 Min$129
100 Min$149
Men’s Salt Stone Therapy
60 Min$129
80 Min$149
100 Min$169
Men’s Skin Fix Facial
50 Min$109
Men’s Traveling Chair Massage
60 Min$109
90 Min$149
Men’s Four-Hand Massage
60 Min$218
80 Min$258

Delve into the robust Men’s Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage designed to alleviate tension deep within the muscles or the Men’s Sports Massage, perfect for the active man needing to relax, recover, and rejuvenate.

Experience the bliss of Men’s Signature Massage, a harmonious blend of techniques that transcends the everyday. Or, surrender to the warmth of the Men’s Salt Stone Therapy, using mineral-rich Himalayan salts to enhance relaxation and promote overall wellness.

The Men’s Skin Fix Facial is a potent solution to combat the stresses of daily life, refreshing your skin with a unique blend of active ingredients.

If you are always on the move, consider the Men’s Traveling Chair Massage, bringing relaxation right to your doorstep. For an extra indulgent treat, try the Men’s Four-Hand Massage, a unique symphony of synchronized movements that elevate relaxation to a new height.

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Body Treatment

ServicesAverage Price
Anti-Aging Perfecting Wrap
80 Min$149
Fijian Perfecting Hand Or Foot Treatment
10 Min$15
Fijian Warm-Oil Scalp Treatment
10 Min$20
Island Bliss Hand Or Foot Treatment
10 Min$15
Nourishing Antioxidant Wrap
60 Min$129
Purifying Detox Wrap
60 Min$129
Skin Renewing Sugar Glow – Coconut
30 Min$69
Skin Renewing Sugar Glow – Orange Blossom
30 Min$69
Skin Renewing Sugar Glow – Guava
30 Min$69

Experience the transformative Anti-Aging Perfecting Wrap, an invigorating process that combats the signs of time and delivers a youthful radiance to your skin.

Alternatively, indulge in the Fijian Perfecting Hand or Foot Treatment, a specialized therapy using Fijian plant extracts to soften and rejuvenate tired hands or feet. The Fijian Warm-Oil Scalp Treatment is a heavenly respite, soothing your senses with warm oil massaged onto your scalp.

The Island Bliss Hand or Foot Treatment employs tropical ingredients for an ultimate pampering experience. Or, envelope yourself in the Nourishing Antioxidant Wrap or Purifying Detox Wrap to revitalize your body from within.

Lastly, give yourself the gift of a Skin Renewing Sugar Glow – available in Coconut, Orange Blossom, or Guava – a delightfully exfoliating treatment leaving your skin smooth, hydrated, and glowing.

Beauty (Female Only)

ServicesAverage Price
Flawless Foundation
10 Min$10
Essential Mineral Make-up Application/Lesson
50 Min$109
Sun-Kissed Spray Tan
15 Min$59
Sun-Kissed Spray Tan/Scrub
50 Min$109
Wax Treatments
WOW Brow$23
Unibrow Be Gone$16
Lip Area$16
Chin or Cheeks$16
Total Face$53
Half Arm$33
Full Arm$43
Half Leg$43
Full Leg$73
Bikini Line*$43
Full Bikini*$53
Half Back$33
Full Back$73

Begin with the Flawless Foundation, a meticulously crafted routine that primes your skin for makeup application. The Essential Mineral Make-up Application/Lesson is a dual-purpose service, helping you master the art of makeup with mineral-infused products while beautifying your appearance.

Chase the sun with the Sun-Kissed Spray Tan, delivering a natural, healthy-looking tan. For a complete skin exfoliation and tanning experience, opt for the Sun-Kissed Spray Tan/Scrub, offering the perfect blend of skincare and color.

Explore the extensive array of Wax Treatments to achieve a smooth, hair-free body. From intricate WOW Brow shaping, and total face waxing, to full leg and Bikini services, each treatment ensures precision and comfort. Unique offerings such as ‘Unibrow Be Gone’ and nose waxing demonstrate a holistic approach to beauty.


ServicesAverage Price
2 Hours$218
Add A Refreshment$10
2.5 – 3 Hours$289
3.5 Hours$359
4 Hours$419

The ‘Relax’ package is a two-hour immersion into tranquility, a sanctuary from the stresses of life. For added comfort, opt for an enticing ‘Refreshment’, adding an indulgent touch to your relaxation journey.

The ‘Recenter’ package invites you to realign your energy over 2.5 to 3 hours, guiding you towards your inner calm, rejuvenating mind, body, and spirit.

When you need a more extensive restoration, the ‘Renew’ package, spanning 3.5 hours, offers a comprehensive renewal experience.

The most indulgent of all is the ‘Rejuvenate’ package. This four-hour session epitomizes a luxury wellness journey, offering a profound revitalization that echoes long after your appointment.

Products Sold By Spavia

Embrace an exquisite self-care journey with Spavia’s wide range of products, partnered with renowned brands committed to quality and efficacy.

Each product is carefully selected to enhance your wellness and beauty regimen, making Spavia a one-stop destination for all your personal care needs.

Cause + Medic, [ comfort zone ], Essence One, Farmhouse Fresh, Hyperice, IMAGE Skincare, Jane Iredale, Love You More, Oka-B, Pure Fiji, RAD, and Sonoma Lavender offer an array of merchandise to choose from.

Whether it’s luxurious aromatherapy oils to invigorate your senses, sumptuous bath products to create a spa-like experience at home, soothing body care essentials, or beautiful candles to uplift your space, these brands deliver.

Your skincare routine could be enhanced by the range of cleansers, complexes, and creams available. Eye care products, masks, and moisturizers ensure you keep your skin radiant and fresh. Nourishing serums, peel treatments, and toners are also on offer, providing solutions to various skin concerns.

Beyond skincare, Spavia extends to cosmetics with primers and makeup, and holistic wellness items like diffusers. Additionally, balms, exfoliators, gels, mists, and tonics round out the extensive skincare offerings.

For beginners or those seeking a complete regimen, Spavia’s starter kits offer a curated selection of essentials, while their array of tools ensures you have everything necessary for an at-home beauty ritual. Discover a world of exceptional products at Spavia, designed with your self-care in mind.

Spavia Hours Of Operation

In the quest for rejuvenation, it’s key to know when to carve out the right moment in your day. Spavia extends an open invitation, beckoning you with operating hours designed to accommodate diverse schedules.

Regardless of location, their dedication to ensuring an accessible haven of relaxation is constant. Here is a snapshot of their general operational schedule:

Operating DaysOperating Hours
Monday9 am – 8 pm
Tuesday9 am – 8 pm
Wednesday9 am – 8 pm
Thursday9 am – 8 pm
Friday9 am – 8 pm
Saturday9 am – 7 pm
Sunday9 am – 7 pm

During the week, doors open at 9 a.m., remaining welcoming until 8 p.m., leaving ample room for the early birds and the after-work crowd. On weekends, Spavia adjusts to a more leisurely rhythm, yet the doors still open early at 9 a.m. and close later at 7 p.m.

They’ve designed these hours with you in mind, ensuring that no matter the demands of your week, you can find solace in their services. Please note, that specific operational hours can vary, so checking with your local Spavia is always a good idea.

Spavia Membership Information

As a Spavia member, you’re invited to embrace a lifestyle of self-care and wellness. The Essential Membership, as an introductory tier, sets a rhythm of monthly relaxation, granting you one Essential Treatment per month.

If you crave deeper indulgence, consider the Premier Membership, where you’ll unlock one Premier Treatment each month. The Ultimate Membership, the pinnacle of Spavia’s offerings, allows one Ultimate Treatment per month, enabling a curated blend of services.

Each membership tier opens the door to additional treatments, and you’ll also enjoy the privilege of gifting relaxation with exclusive access to Bring-a-Friend Essential Gift Cards.

Spavia membership offers a monthly sanctuary, presenting luxurious, peaceful spa settings at an affordable price. Discover a menu of treatments spanning from massages, skincare, body wraps, and scrubs, to waxing and tanning, all delivered in a serene environment.

Take note, cancellation is straightforward, requiring only a 30-day advance written notification. It’s worth mentioning that there’s a three-month non-cancellable term of membership, to ensure commitment to self-care.

As a member, regardless of the tier, enjoy 10% off Spa Boutique Purchases and Waxing Treatments, VIP Events, Family Share options, $15 savings on Upgraded Treatments, and a warm, welcoming spa environment for your friends.

Lastly, immerse in Spavia’s carefully crafted ambiance – the choice of aromatherapy, music, and conversation to match your mood. Resort-like amenities feature separate retreat rooms, stone-floored showers, spa robes, and sandals.

A selection of exotic teas, a warm aromatherapy neck pillow, and savings in the spa boutique complement your exceptional spa experience.

Gift Cards By Spavia

Discover the ultimate gift of relaxation with Spavia’s range of gift cards, designed to suit any occasion. Whether you’re extending a token of gratitude or celebrating a milestone, Spavia’s gift cards offer a broad range of denominations, from $75 to $100, to $150, or choose your desired value for a personalized touch.

Purchasing a gift card is a seamless process. Simply enter your preferred amount, specify the recipient and sender details, and optionally include a heartfelt message.

Once the transaction concludes, you can either print the gift card instantly or save it for later using the emailed copy. With the added feature of image selection, every Spavia gift card ensures a personalized, thoughtful present that promises a moment of serene relaxation.

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History Of Spavia

Delving into the history of Spavia, it’s interesting to see how it has made a place for itself in an industry filled with robust competitors like Massage Luxe.

Founded on September 25, 2005, by visionary minds Allison and Marty Langenderfer, Spavia represents a commitment to making a positive impact one guest at a time.

The brand’s name, a blend of spa and ‘via’ or ‘the route,’ translates to ‘the journey to wellness,’ resonating with their core philosophy. Every new location signifies growth and greater community impact, as Spavia believes in the collective power of working together to uplift and rejuvenate.

Spavia’s services are tailored to the guest’s unique needs and desires, with a diverse offering ranging from soothing massages to invigorating body wraps and nourishing facials.

Their professional therapists and estheticians ensure a personal touch that aligns with each client’s wellness journey. Spa robes, sandals, and warmed aromatherapy neck pillows contribute to creating a tranquil experience for every guest.

Over the years, Spavia has remained dedicated to its guest-centric approach, its drive to give back to communities, and its continuous pursuit of enhancing the customer experience.

Presently, Spavia continues its rapid growth, showing appreciation for everyone who has been part of its journey, from guests to teams to franchise owners.

The essence of Spavia revolves around its commitment to wellness, positive community impact, and consistently delivering exceptional experiences.

Final Words

Reflecting on the journey to wellness that Spavia offers, we must acknowledge the balance struck between affordable luxury and exceptional experiences.

The prices reflect this balance impeccably. By providing a range of memberships and individual services, Spavia creates accessible pathways to rejuvenation, relaxation, and holistic well-being.

It is this focus on value for money, coupled with the dedication to providing superior services, that sets them apart in the spa industry.

Whether you’re a spa enthusiast or a first-time visitor, Spavia prices in 2024 offer you an inclusive wellness journey without compromising on quality, thus presenting a compelling testament to their brand philosophy.

So, choose your desired treatment, step into a tranquil sanctuary, and let Spavia guide you on a personal voyage of relaxation and revitalization.

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