Sola Salon Prices 2024 (Guide For Savvy Salon-Goers)


Discover the world of exceptional salon services at budget-friendly Sola Salon prices in 2024. Our team of experts has conducted extensive research to provide you with a comprehensive guide on Sola Salon’s pricing, ensuring you find the best deals for your hair care needs.


With a primary focus on customer satisfaction, Sola Salon has become a trusted name in the industry, attracting a diverse audience who appreciates their dedication to quality and value.

Sola Salon boasts first-hand expertise, offering a wide range of services to cater to various hair types, textures, and styles.

Their skilled professionals have extensive experience in the latest techniques and trends, ensuring that clients leave the salon feeling revitalized and confident in their appearance.

This article dives deep into Sola Salon’s pricing nuances, helping you navigate its offerings and choose the services that best suit your requirements.

In today’s fast-paced world, finding a salon that consistently delivers exceptional results while maintaining affordability can be challenging.

That’s why our carefully curated guide on Sola Salon Prices is essential for anyone seeking top-tier hair care without breaking the bank.

Sola Salon Prices In 2024


ServicesAverage Price
Half Cut$10
Ends Clipped$10
Signature Cut$15

Indulge in their exclusive range of cutting services, including the Half Cut, Ends Clip, and Signature Cut. Each service is meticulously crafted by experienced stylists, ensuring your locks are transformed to perfection.

The Half Cut is ideal for maintaining your existing style, while the Ends Clip focuses on trimming and revitalizing damaged tips for healthier hair.

For a complete transformation, opt for the Signature Cut, where stylists work their magic to create a personalized look tailored to your preferences and lifestyle.


ServicesAverage Price
Small Section$15
Each Additional Color$15
Color Removal Process (Starting Price)$20
Whole Head (1 Color)$35
Highlights (Half)$50
Tips (Half)$50
Tips (Whole)$70
Highlights (Whole)$85

Explore the diverse coloring services, starting with the Rinse, perfect for those seeking a gentle color refresh that enhances your natural shade.

For a more customized approach, the Small Section service allows you to add a pop of color or contrast to specific areas, while the Each Additional Color option enables you to experiment with multiple hues for a multidimensional look.

If you’re in need of a clean slate, the Color Removal Process safely strips away existing color, preparing your hair for a new, exciting change. The Whole Head service offers complete coverage, ensuring a seamless and flawless finish.

For those seeking dimension and depth, the Highlights Whole and Half services create a stunning, sun-kissed effect, while the Tips Whole and Half options provide a trendy, stylish edge to your hair.

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ServicesAverage Price
Touch-Up Relaxers (Children)$15
Half Touch-Up Relaxers (Children)$15
Half Touch-Up Relaxers (Adults)$15
Touch-Up Relaxers (Adults)$25
Touch-Up Texture Softeners (Children)$25
Touch-Up Texture Softeners (Adults)$35
Virgin Relaxers (Children)$40
Virgin Relaxers (Adults) (Starting Price)$40
Virgin Texture Softeners (Adults) (Starting Price)$40
Virgin Texture Softeners (Children)$45

Touch-Up Relaxers provide a rejuvenating experience for those seeking to maintain their sleek, straight hair. Available for children and adults, these touch-up services ensure that your hair remains smooth and manageable while promoting long-lasting results.

Half Touch-Up Relaxers offer a more targeted approach, focusing on specific areas that require attention. For clients looking to enhance their natural texture, Touch-Up Texture Softeners provide the perfect solution.

This service gently relaxes curls and waves, offering a more versatile styling experience without compromising the hair’s natural bounce and vitality. Available for both children and adults, this service promises a customized approach to texture management.

Sola Salon also caters to clients seeking a complete transformation with Virgin Relaxers and Virgin Texture Softeners. These services are designed for those who have not previously undergone chemical treatments, providing an opportunity to experience a new look.

Whether you’re a child or an adult, the expert stylists at Sola Salon ensure that your hair is treated with care and professionalism, leaving you with the stunning, long-lasting results you deserve.


ServicesAverage Price
Retwist Style (Children) (Starting Price)$10
Dreadlock Repair (Each)$10
Retwist Style (Adults) (Starting Price)$15
Retwist (Children)$30
Retwist (Adults)$40
Twisties (Children)$40
Twisties (Adults)$50

Retwist Style services cater to children and adults alike, ensuring that your dreadlocks remain fresh and well-maintained.

Sola Salon’s stylists pay meticulous attention to detail, expertly retwisting your locks to create a polished and rejuvenated look.

If your dreadlocks are in need of some extra attention, the Dreadlock Repair service provides individualized care, addressing any issues and restoring your locks to their former glory.

Trust in the capable hands of Sola Salon’s professionals to bring your dreadlocks back to life. Sola Salon also offers Retwist services for both children and adults, which focus on maintaining the structure and appearance of your dreadlocks.

For those desiring a twist-based style, the Twisties service offers a versatile and fashionable alternative to dreadlocks.

Suitable for children and adults, twisties provide a low-maintenance and attractive option for expressing individuality through your hair.

Special Sets

ServicesAverage Price
Relaxed (Per Child)$15
Natural (Per Child)$15
Relaxed (Per Adult)$25
Natural (Per Adult)$25

The Relaxed Set service offers a sleek, smooth finish for those seeking a polished and sophisticated style. Suitable for both children and adults, this service tames frizz and unruly hair, resulting in a manageable and elegant appearance.

On the other hand, the Natural Set service celebrates the inherent beauty of your hair’s texture. Emphasizing curls, waves, or coils, this service enhances your natural hair, providing a gorgeous and authentic look.

Available for both children and adults, the Natural Set service allows you to express your true self while looking fabulous.


ServicesAverage Price
Relaxed (Children)$30
Relaxed (Adults)$40
Natural (Children)$40
Natural (Adults)$50


ServicesAverage Price
Deep Conditioner / Hot Oil Treatment$15
Aphogee / Protein Treatment$25

The Deep Conditioner / Hot Oil Treatment is a luxurious and rejuvenating service designed to restore moisture and manageability to your hair.

This treatment penetrates deep into the hair shaft, replenishing nutrients and combating dryness for a silky, smooth finish that lasts.

For those needing a more intensive repair solution, the Aphogee / Protein Treatment offers a powerful remedy for damaged or weakened hair.

This treatment fortifies hair strands, rebuilds their structure, and increases resilience against future damage.


ServicesAverage Price
Individual Extension (Each)$5
Half Quick Bond Extensions$15
Quick Bond Extension Tightening$15
Quick Bond Extensions$35
Sew-In Extension Tightening$20
Half Sew-In Extensions$60
Full Sew-In Extensions$110
Versatile Sew-In Extensions$160
Non-Traditional Sew-In Extensions$210
Fusion Extensions$360

Individual Extensions provide targeted enhancement to specific areas, allowing for customized placement and a bespoke appearance. This service is ideal for those looking to add subtle length or volume without committing to a full head of extensions.

Quick Bond Extensions and their associated services, such as Half Quick Bond and Extension Tightening, utilize bonding technology to secure the extensions to your natural hair. This method offers a fast and efficient solution for those seeking a quick transformation.

Sew-In Extensions, including Half, Full, Versatile, and Non-Traditional options, are more durable and long-lasting. This service involves sewing the extensions onto a braided base, resulting in a secure and seamless blend with your natural hair.

For the ultimate luxury experience, Fusion Extensions offer a highly customizable and virtually undetectable result. This method involves bonding individual strands of hair to your own using keratin, ensuring a natural and flawless finish.

Products Sold By Sola Salon

Sola Salon is dedicated to providing clients with an exceptional experience, and that includes offering a diverse and carefully curated selection of top-shelf products.

Each Sola Salon location carries a variety of professional salon product lines, ensuring that clients have access to the highest quality products tailored to their unique hair care needs.

While the specific products available may differ depending on the salon you visit, you can expect to find some of the industry’s most reputable brands on offer.

Biolage is known for its natural and botanical ingredients, providing gentle yet effective hair care solutions for a variety of hair types.

Design Essentials focuses on creating innovative products that enhance your hair’s natural beauty, catering to diverse hair textures and styles.

On the other hand, CHI is a global leader in hair care technology, offering cutting-edge tools and products that create salon-worthy results at home.

MIZANI and Kenra are both renowned for their expertise in textured hair care, with MIZANI specializing in multicultural hair types and Kenra offering a wide range of hair care and styling products that cater to various needs.

Aphogee is a game-changer for those seeking protein treatments and damage repair, while Joico is recognized for its innovative and transformative hair care solutions.

It’s a 10 that provides versatile, multi-functional products that simplify your hair care routine without sacrificing quality or results.

Redken and Sexy Hair offer extensive product lines that cater to various hair types, addressing specific concerns and helping clients achieve their desired looks.

Paul Mitchell is a long-standing favorite among salon professionals, offering a wide range of cruelty-free and environmentally conscious products.

Sebastian is an iconic brand that pushes the boundaries of hair care and styling, providing clients with avant-garde products that inspire creative expression.

Lastly, TIGI is known for its fashion-forward approach, combining cutting-edge technology and artistic flair to create products that elevate your hair to new heights.

At Sola Salon, the extensive selection of premium products ensures every client has access to the best hair care and styling. Trust their expertly curated product offerings and indulge in a personalized experience catering to your needs, leaving you with healthy, beautiful, radiant hair.

History Of Sola Salon

In 2004, an innovative and ambitious idea took shape as Sola Salon Studios was founded with the goal of not just providing beautiful, move-in-ready salon studios but also building a vibrant community where independent beauty professionals could thrive.

Stratton Smith and Matt Briger, the visionary duo behind this concept, set out to redefine the salon industry by empowering professionals to create the life and career they love.

Sola Salon Studios’ journey took off in 2005 with the opening of its first franchised location. The company’s commitment to supporting beauty professionals’ growth led to rapid expansion.

By the 10th anniversary in 2014, Sola had become home to 5,000 independent beauty professionals across the United States.

Recognizing the need for modern tools to support their ever-growing community, Sola introduced Sola Pro in 2016. This exclusive app offers resources, education, and business management tools to help salon professionals excel in their careers.

The following year, Sola took another significant step forward with the launch of SolaGenius, an exclusive technology platform designed to simplify scheduling, client management, and marketing for salon professionals.

The company’s dedication to innovation didn’t stop there. In 2019, Sola introduced BookNow, an online booking system that seamlessly allows clients to schedule appointments with their preferred beauty professionals.

This feature not only provides convenience to clients but also helps salon professionals maximize their bookings and revenue.

Fast forward to today, Sola Salon Studios is an international success story, hosting more than 18,000 independent salon professionals across 600+ locations in the United States, Canada, and Brazil.

With a relentless focus on providing top-notch facilities, cutting-edge technology, and unwavering support, Sola has established itself as a leader in the salon industry.

This revolutionary approach distinguished Sola Salon from competitors like SportsClips, HairMasters, HairCuttery & many more, offering salon professionals a unique and empowering experience.

As the company continues to grow and evolve, it remains committed to empowering independent beauty professionals and offering them the tools, support, and opportunities they need to achieve success on their terms.

Final Words

Sola Salon Studios has revolutionized the salon industry by providing independent beauty professionals with a platform to excel and grow their businesses. A crucial aspect of this growth lies in the affordability and value offered through Sola Salon prices.

These competitive prices, combined with the exceptional range of services, products from top-shelf brands, and the supportive community, make Sola Salon Studios an ideal choice for both beauty professionals and their clients.

By consistently updating its services and staying ahead of industry trends, Sola Salon Studios maintains its position as a leader in the beauty world.

Clients can expect an enriching and satisfying experience at any of their locations, while professionals can confidently pursue their passions and dreams within the Sola community.

With a focus on quality, innovation, and support, Sola Salon Studios continues to reshape the salon landscape and set new benchmarks for excellence.

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