Ulta Salon Prices 2023 (Affordable Or Expensive)

Planning to visit ulta salon? but confused about their services & prices? We have provided with latest ulta salon prices in 2023 below.

A great way to get the perfect look is by visiting Ulta salon. Their professional team of experts specializes in various services such as haircuts, coloring, highlights, brow services, makeup, lashes, skin treatment, texture, styling, & more.

Not only that, but they also have a wide selection of cosmetics brands and beauty supply products from around the world.

At Ulta Salon, you can be sure that you will receive top-notch service at an affordable price. They offer a full range of hair and beauty services starting from $45 up to $220.

In addition, their expert staff provides personalized consultations to ensure that clients get what they are looking for every time they visit them.

Whether you are looking for an everyday cut or something special on a special occasion, they will make sure that you get exactly what you need. Let us dive in and explore ulta salon prices below.

Ulta Salon Prices In 2023 – Complete Guide


ServicesAverage Price
Neck Trim$12
Kids Haircut (Age Under 10)$25
Signature Haircut (Haircut, Trimming With Deep Conditioning Treatment)$50 & Above
Haircut$45 & Above
Clipper Cut (Haircutting With Clippers)$30 & Above

For those seeking a stylish haircut from the convenience of their local Ulta salon, there is something for all.

The salon offers an array of haircut services perfect for any occasion, including a simple neck trim, kid’s haircuts for those under 10 years old, and their signature haircut, which boasts the latest fashion trends. Additionally, they offer standard cuts and clipper cuts.

The neck trim is a quick-service option that offers customers an easy way to keep their look neat and clean in between haircuts.

For kids under 10, they offer an age-appropriate haircut that will make them look great and feel special. A signature haircut that includes haircut and trimming with deep conditioning treatment is provided by Ulta salon; this haircut includes an individualized consultation and shampoo/style experience.

The standard haircut is ideal for anyone who wants a classic look without all the frills. Finally, the clipper cut (haircut using clippers) is a no-fuss option that results in clean lines and sharp edges with minimal styling required afterward.

All hair-cutting services include a complimentary wash and blow dry that gives the perfect finish to each look created nationwide at any Ulta salon location.

Speciality Hair Color

ServicesAverage Price
Color Correction (Includes Any Color Services Needed To Correct & Complete The Desired Look)$45 & Above
Gray Blending (All-Over Color Application Of Redken For Men Color To Blend Gray Hair)$42
Partial Root Touch-Up (Mini Root Retouch Focused Only On The Front Hairline & Part Line Areas)$52
Total Blonde (All-Over Touch-Up Application Of Lightener To Achieve The Perfect Shade Of Blonde)$105 & Above

Ulta salon offers various hair color services to meet their customers’ needs. Whether you are looking for color correction, gray blending, partial root touch-up, or total blonde, Ulta has the perfect hair coloring solution.

Their experts utilize top-of-the-line products and superior techniques to create the perfect look that meets your expectations.

Color correction is an advanced technique used to repair a previously colored strand or to eliminate discoloration caused by chemicals or other factors.

Gray blending is a service that can be used to subtly blend gray strands into your existing color for natural-looking results.

A partial root touch-up can be used when you want to fix up your roots without doing a full-head application.

Finally, Total Blonde promises to provide maximum shine and blonde coverage throughout if you’re looking for an all-over blonde look.

These practices are done with caution and care not to damage the hair but still provide stunning results that make customers look their best.


ServicesAverage Price
Root Blend (Soften The Difference Between Natural Hair Color At The Root Area During Highlighting Service)$45
Full Highlight (Foil Highlights On Entire Head)$140 & Above
Area Highlight (Foil Highlights On Half Head)$115 & Above
Accent Highlight (Foil highlights On A Little Areas Of The Head)$80 & Above

Ulta Salon now offers an array of high-end highlighting services to help customers achieve their desired look. Whether you’re looking for a subtle root blend, a full highlight, area highlights, or accent highlights, Ulta salon has the perfect solution.

Root blend is a great way to add depth and dimension to your natural color by blending in highlights throughout the entire head for a subtle but impactful change.

Full highlight uses multiple shades of lightener evenly distributed from roots to ends for an all-over vibrant look.

For maximum control and precision, area highlight applies to lighten selectively in specific areas, such as around the face or throughout a few select sections.

Lastly, accent highlights are applied very strategically in sections, like framing the face or creating luscious curls that will make everyone jealous!

All these options provide customers with plenty of ways to customize their hairstyle according to their unique style preferences.

Ulta salon provides customers with quality service and products from knowledgeable stylists to help them achieve the desired look.

Whether it’s a root blend, full highlight, area highlight, or accent highlight you’re looking for, Ulta salon has got your back.

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Hair Coloring

ServicesAverage Price
Full Root Touch-Up (All-Over Application Of A Single Hair Color From Roots To Ends)$60 & Above
Gloss (Improves Shine & Tone With An All-Over Color Application Of Demi-Permanent Color)$60 & Above
Multi-Tone Hair Color (Accomplish Multi-Dimensional Effect With An All-Over Application Of Several Colors)$90 & Above
All-Over Color (All-Over Application Of A Single Hair Color From Roots To Ends)$80 & Above

Ulta salon hair coloring services give you the opportunity to update your look without breaking the bank. When it comes to salon-quality hair color, Ulta offers several distinct options to choose from.

Get ready to step out in style with a full root touch-up, a glossing treatment, multi-tone hair color, or an all-over color change.

Full-Root touch-ups are a great way to keep your natural color looking vibrant, while Glosses add shine and subtle tones to existing colors.

Multi-Tones allow you to play around with your favorite colors without an all-over change, while All-Over Coloring allows you to go bold with a complete transformation of color and style.

Ulta Salon offers professional service and access to the latest styles in hair color so you can show off the beautiful hue of your choice.

Whether it’s for one session or long-term maintenance, their stylists will be sure to give you an exact look you desire.

Brow Services

ServicesAverage Price
Non-Benefit Strip Lash$13
Full Individual Lashers$20
Half Individual Lashes$15
Brow & Lip Wax$40
Brow Wax & Tint$42
Brow Tint$25
Brow Wax$28

Ulta salon offers a wide range of brow services that can enhance the look of your eyes. Ulta offers all types of brow services, from strip lashes to full and half individual lashers.

They offer wax, tinting, and shaping options for those looking to give their brows more definition. Additionally, they also provide lip waxing services to help define the lips’ shape and contour.

Ulta’s knowledgeable staff is always available to provide professional advice and assistance for those unsure about which service is right for them.

They will assess each client’s needs in order to recommend the best course of action for achieving their desired look.

Their non-benefits strip lash is available in various lengths and thicknesses depending on the desired look.

The full and half individual lashers offer more detailed application techniques than strip lashes, providing an even more dramatic look.

Ulta is also equipped with experienced technicians who can provide precise eyebrow waxing treatments along with adding color to eyebrows with a special tint application technique.

Lastly, lip wax is offered for those wanting a smooth finish around the lip area without using makeup products.

Makeup & Lashes

ServicesAverage Price
Lash Extensions Removal (Removal Of Permanent Eyelash Extensions)$30
Lash Extension Refill (Maintain Your Lashes With Quick Refresh To Fill Any Spots Where The Eyelashes Have Shed)$60
Lash Extension Full Set (Lightweight & Long-Lasting)$220
Cluster Lashes (Apply Same-Day Bought Of Semi-Permanent Flair Or Cluster Lashes Across The Eyelid)$37
Strip Lashes (Apply Same-Day Purchase Of Lash Strips For A Quick & Temporary Lash Enhancement)$15
Formal Makeup Application (Make Up Application For Enhanced Make Up Methods For A Better Dramatic Look For Those Special Events)$75
Everyday Makeup Application (Put Your Everyday Fresh Face Forward)$55
Makeup Lesson (Educate You To Get The Look You’ve Always Wanted)$35
Complimentary Touch-Up (Wrap Up Your Service With This Quick Touch-Up Or Pop-In)FREE

Ulta Salon’s makeup & lashes services offer a variety of options to give you a look that best suits your individual style; from lash extension removal to makeup lessons, they have it all.

Lash extension removal is the process of carefully removing artificial eyelashes without damaging natural ones while also keeping the eye area healthy.

Lash extension refills help maintain the same length and style of lashes as before. The lash extension full set gives you long and luscious lashes that are lightweight and will last longer with proper care.

They also offer strip lashes which are great for short-term events or special occasions where you want to add some extra glamour to your look.

Cluster lashes will add volume and definition to your eyes without the maintenance or commitment of individual eyelash extensions. Each cluster can be customized to create natural-looking lash lines in any shape and length.

Formal makeup applications give you a perfect look for any occasion, from weddings to proms. Professional stylists use premium cosmetics, like foundation, eyeshadow, blush, and other products that won’t smudge throughout the day so you can look your best all night long!

Everyday makeup application is perfect if you want a natural yet polished look that requires minimal maintenance throughout the day.

Ulta Salon also offers makeup lessons so you can learn how to do your own look from start to finish with the help of a pro. Their experienced staff can guide you through the world of cosmetics and teach you the tricks of the trade so you can become your own beauty guru!

They also provide free complimentary touch-ups so you can wrap up your service with this quick touch-up and refresh your look throughout the day or evening if needed!

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Skin Treatments

ServicesAverage Price
90-Minute Ultamate Facial (Customized Facial Enhanced With Your Selection Of Microdermabrasion For Smoother Skin Till 90 Min)$110
60-Minute Customized Facial (Personalized Facials With Deep Cleansing, Exfoliation & Intense Hydration) (Licensed Skin Therapist)$75
30-Minute Microdermabrasion (Safer & Natural Method Of Microdermabrasion)$75
30-Minute Ultamate Skin Resurfacing (Customized & Powerful Chemical Exfoliation To Brighten, Refine Tone, Fewer Blemishes For Healthiest Skin)$75
30-Minute Facial (Customizable Treatment Intended To Resolve Top Skin Trouble)$55
20-Minute Facial (Customized Skin Remedies To Get Rid Of Blemish, Lower Wrinkles & Get A Bright Glow)$35
20-Minute Mineral Infusion (Permeate Skin With Oxygen & Serums To Get Clear & Instant Results)$32
20-Minute Brow Lift (Look Younger In Mins With Instant Eye & Brow Lift)$30
10-Minute Express Facial (Quick Fix For Flawless Skin Featuring)$15

The 90-Min Ultamate Facial includes customized treatment, mineral infusion, micro-current, deep cleansing and exfoliation, extractions if needed, serum application with a facial massage, final mask application, and moisturizer. This service will leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated while providing an overall boost in tone and texture.

The 60-Min Customized Facial provides personalized attention tailored specifically to each individual’s needs with cleansing, exfoliation, moisturizer with steam or enzyme peel if requested, extractions, and customized serums with face massage tailored to your specific needs.

The 30-Minute Microdermabrasion provides gentle exfoliation with a diamond tip wand, helping to remove dead skin cells, uneven skin tone, striae, and melasma, including acne scars, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, sun damage, and other signs of aging.

The 30-Minute Ultamate Skin Resurfacing uses advanced laser technology to help reduce the appearance of acne, age spots, and uneven pigmentation and resurface the skin.

The 30-Minute Facial is designed to cleanse and nourish your skin while providing maximum hydration deeply.

The 20-Minute Facial is designed to deeply cleanse and exfoliate your skin while infusing it with essential nutrients. With the Mineral Infusion treatment, oxygen-infused serums are applied directly to your face, which tightens pores and improves texture.

The Brow Lift treatment helps lift sagging brows for a youthful look. Lastly, the 10-Minute Express Facials offer a quick pick-me-up, including cleansing the face and applying a hydrating serum.


ServicesAverage Price
Area Keratin, Wave, Or Relaxer (Texture Wave, Relaxer, Or Keratin Treatment On A Precise Area Of The Head)$75 & Above
Relaxer (All-Over Or Retouch Application Of Relaxer To All Time Straighten The Hair)$95 & Above
Texture Wave (Include Curl To Hair With A Permanent Wave)$105 & Above
Keratin Treatment (Reduce Curl & Frizz With A Smoothing Treatment) (Temporary Reduction For Up To 12 Weeks)$240 & Above

Ulta salons provide various services to help you achieve the hair texture you desire. Whether you’d like a sleek, straight look or are hoping to embrace your natural wave, Ulta has a range of professional treatments designed to give you the hairstyle and feel that fits your lifestyle.

Are you looking for texture treatments for specific areas of the head? Ulta salon offers various hair texture services that can help you achieve the look you desire.

From keratin, wave, or relaxer treatments to precise area styling and more, their range of hair texture solutions is designed to give your tresses the special attention they need.

Relaxer is used to soften tight curls and kinks in hair. This treatment can be used to straighten or loosen curls for those with naturally curly or wavy hair. The relaxer works by breaking down the bonds in your hair, which helps create smooth strands that are easy to manage.

Texture Wave is a permanent wave option used by many people who want a more natural curl pattern added to their hair. It provides long-lasting body and movement with minimal damage to your strands due to its low pH formulation.

Keratin treatment is designed to smooth and relax hair while reducing frizz, leaving it with a healthy shine. It can be used on any hair, including curly, wavy, or chemically straightened hair.


ServicesAverage Price
Braids, Twists, & Locs (Advanced Styling Techniques Such As Full Head Braids) (Price Per Half Hour)$60
Formal Style (Comes With Any Combination Of Curls, Twists, Pin-Ups, Or Braids On Dry Hair)$85
Shampoo Press/Wrap & Curl (Smoothing Hair By Drying/Wrapping & Smoothly Pressing With Pressing Comb and/or Flat Iron)$70
Blowout (Get The Unique Style Of Your Own With A Shampoo, Conditioner, Scalp Massage & Blow Dry)$50
Curling Or Flat Iron (Curl Or Straighten The Hair With Flat Iron, Curling Iron, Or Wand On Dry Hair)$35

Advanced full-head braids, twists, & locs are among the most popular styling methods for those looking to switch up their look. Each style offers unique benefits that will help you create the perfect hairstyle for whatever event or occasion you have in mind.

Their Formal Style Service will have you looking picture-perfect in no time, from complicated updos, twists, and curl to elegant braids.

The shampoo press wrap & curl is an excellent option for those looking to smooth their hair by giving some extra shine and bounce. The technique is done by drying/wrapping & smoothly pressing with a pressing comb and/or flat iron.

Their blowout service allows customers to achieve the desired look easily with the help of blow drying & thermal styling.

Ulta Salon offers expert services in curling and flat ironing your hair to give you the look you want without damaging your locks. Whether it’s soft curls, tight ringlets, or sleek straight strands that you desire, their experienced stylists have all of the best tools to create any style imaginably.

From hot rollers to curling wands and flat irons, they provide quality heat tool styling to make sure every guest leaves with their desired look.

Healthy Hair Treatments

ServicesAverage Price
Repair & Protect Treatment (Two Popular Treatments Combined For Hair Health Are Anti-Damage Color Additive & Damaged Hair Restorative Treatment)$45
Anti-Damage Color Additive (Stops Damage & Protect Your Hair During A Color Service)$25
Damaged Hair Restorative Treatment (Professional Restoration Service For Damaged Hair)$35
Scalp Renew Treatment (Exfoliate Scalp That Will Remove Buildup, Boosts Hair Growth, Lower Hair Loss & Stop Breakage)$25
Deep Conditioning Treatment (Includes Any Combination Of Color Protection, Strength, Moisture, Or Volume To The Hair)$25
Clarifying Treatment (Eliminate Unnecessary Products & Mineral Buildup Such As Chlorine)$25

The Repair & Protect Treatment is ideal for those with dry or damaged hair looking to restore strength and shine. This treatment helps nourish the scalp, and repair split ends, reduce breakage and add hydration to help keep your locks looking healthy.

The Anti-Damage Color Additive works great when added to any color service as it helps replenish lost proteins during the coloring process for stronger, healthier strands.

The Damaged Hair Restorative Treatment helps bring life back into dull or lifeless locks by restoring softness and elasticity while protecting them from future damage.

The Scalp Renew Treatment is great for those with an itchy scalp or dryness. This treatment helps exfoliate the scalp and remove build-up and dead skin cells from styling products, reducing irritation from flaking and dandruff also helps to boost hair growth, reduce hair loss & eliminate breakage.

Deep Conditioning Treatment is ideal for people looking to restore shine and prevent damage to the hair via moisture, texture, and penetration of the hair shaft. It helps soften strands while adding protein back into them, helping them stay strong against future damage such as heat styling or color treatments.

Lastly, the Clarifying Treatment provides an intensive deep cleanse experience that helps eliminate any product/mineral buildup or toxins left behind over time.


If You Are Searching To Add Volume, Length, Or Hair Color, The Probabilities Are Infinite! Schedule A Consultation With Ulta Salon Experts To Help You Find The Best Extensions For Your Hair.

Products Sold By Ulta Salon

Ulta salon has everything you need to look and feel your best. From makeup, nails, and hair care to tools, brushes, and fragrances, this beauty retailer has a wide selection of products sure to make you look beautiful.

At Ulta’s online store, customers can choose from hundreds of products for virtually every beauty need. Whether it’s makeup for special occasions or everyday wear, skincare essentials such as cleansers and moisturizers, hair styling products including dryers and curling irons, or men’s grooming kits – Ulta has it all.

Their own line of fragrances offers sophisticated and fun scents, and their collection of skincare products is designed specifically for men’s needs.

Furthermore, Ulta Beauty Products are specially designed to provide you with premium quality at affordable prices.

Not only do they carry top brands such as Maybelline, MAC Cosmetics, ColourPop cosmetics, Kylie Cosmetics, Clinique, and CHI Professional Hair Tools, but they also have their own line of Ulta Beauty products that are formulated with quality ingredients.

But the chain doesn’t stop there; they also carry bath & body items plus signature Ulta Beauty collection items, which are exclusive to their stores.

With so many options available in one place, Ulta provides shoppers with the ultimate one-stop destination for all things beauty related.

Ulta Salon Deals, Coupons & Discounts

Ulta Beauty, the leader in beauty retail, offers an extensive rewards program to their customers known as Ultamate Rewards, and the great part about it is it completely free to join.

With Ultamate Rewards, customers can earn points on every dollar they spend at an Ulta Salon or online store. Ulta Salon offers exclusive deals through email and the Ulta app for those looking for extra discounts.

Customers should keep an eye out for emails with valuable coupons and special offers, including free gifts with purchases or discounts on select items.

Additionally, shoppers can download the Ulta app and access even more exclusive offers, such as double rewards points when shopping online or mobile-only sales events that are unavailable elsewhere.

Your earned points will add up like this for every 100 points spent at Ulta Beauty; customers can save $3. Earn 350 points and save $8; 500 points will earn you a discount of $17.50; 750 points will get you a savings of $30; 1000 points will give you a discount of $50; and 2000 points will earn you an awesome savings of $125!

Some of their additional offers are you earn $20 off when you buy your first product from an ultimate reward credit card.

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Ulta Salon History

Ulta Salon, the beauty retailer that has become a staple in the world of haircare and cosmetics, was founded by Richard E. George and Terry Hanson in 1990.

The company first began as a single store in Bolingbrook, Illinois, before growing into a multi-billion dollar business with more than 1,200 stores nationwide.

After decades of success and innovation, Ulta now employs around 37,000 people across its locations. Most of Ulta’s stores are located in the East Coast region of the US and California, as these two areas have some of the highest concentrations of beauty consumers.

The story begins with Richard E. George and Terry Hanson, who set out to create an inclusive beauty experience unlike any other on the market at the time – one that offers high-end and mass retailers products in one convenient location.

The company’s core mission is to provide customers with an all-inclusive approach to finding their perfect beauty look through a comprehensive selection of cosmetics, fragrances, skincare products, haircare items, and salon service offerings at affordable prices.

In 2021, however, Ulta took its success further by partnering with Target to make some of its products available nationwide.

This move has allowed new customers throughout the country to access Ulta’s extensive range of hair care, skincare, and makeup products at an affordable price point.

In 2022, Ulta announced a major collaboration with Allure magazine to bring 25,000 of its products to Allure’s online retail platform and physical store locations.

This collaboration allowed both companies to expand their reach within the beauty industry and be more accessible to customers.

The new partnership between Ulta and Allure allowed customers the option to purchase thousands of products from one location or shop from two different retailers in one place.

From its humble beginnings to its current success as an international retailer, Ulta has always ensured to provide customers with exceptional service and quality products.

Final Words

Ulta Salon, a premier beauty retailer, and salon, is a one-stop shop for all your beauty needs. As you’ve checked in the above ulta salon prices 2023 list that Ulta has everything from the latest makeup products to professional hair care services.

With customers in mind, Ulta offers convenience and affordability when it comes to its various services and products.

The company prides itself on offering something for everyone; its services range from haircuts and color treatments to skin care enhancements such as waxing and facials.

In addition to their wide selection of beauty items, Ulta also provides expert advice from experienced stylists who can help you find the perfect look that suits your individual style.

Overall, Ulta Salon is an excellent choice if you are looking for top-notch beauty products and services at an affordable price.

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