South Beach Tanning Prices 2024 (Best Tan For Your Buck)


South Beach Tanning Company isn’t just another boutique tanning studio; it’s an embodiment of luxury and expertise. Founded in 2003 in sunny Miami, Florida, this renowned salon has expanded its golden glow across six U.S. states.


With the reputation of offering luxury tanning services at prices as radiant as the sun – ranging from a modest $9 to a premium $788 – they’ve tailored a spectrum of experiences to cater to varied clientele.

But it’s not just about the South Beach Tanning prices; it’s the art of tanning they’ve mastered. Housed in spaces 2-3 times larger than your standard salon, they assure a hassle-free experience with no long waits.

Whether you’re seeking the sun-kissed sparkle or the flawless sunless tan, their well-trained staff stands poised, ensuring your skin not only gleams but feels rejuvenated.

Dive into this detailed guide, where we shed light on why South Beach Tanning stands unrivaled in a world of tans.

South Beach Tanning Prices In 2024

Level 1 Tanning

ServicesAverage Price
Single Session (Level 1)$9.00
VIP Unlimited (Level 1)$18.88
Buy 4 Get 2 Free (Level 1)$36.00
30 Day Pass (Level 1)$49.00
Annual Pass (Level 1)$188.00

Level 2 Tanning

ServicesAverage Price
Single Session (Level 2)$13.00
VIP Unlimited (Level 2)$38.88
Buy 4 Get 2 Free (Level 2)$48.00
30 Day Pass (Level 2)$59.00
Annual Pass (Level 2)$388.00

Level 3 Tanning

ServicesAverage Price
Single Session (Level 3)$18.00
VIP Unlimited (Level 3)$58.88
Buy 4 Get 2 Free (Level 3)$72.00
30 Day Pass (Level 3)$79.00
Annual Pass (Level 3)$588.00

Level 4 Tanning

ServicesAverage Price
Single Session (Level 4)$22.00
VIP Unlimited (Level 4)$78.88
Buy 4 Get 2 Free (Level 4)$88.00
30 Day Pass (Level 4)$99.00
Annual Pass (Level 4)$788.00

Level 5 Tanning

ServicesAverage Price
Single Session (Level 5)$30.00
VIP Unlimited (Level 5)$78.88
30 Day Pass (Level 5)$119.00
Buy 4 Get 2 Free (Level 5)$120.00
Annual Pass (Level 5)$788.00

Sunless Tanning

ServicesAverage Price
Single Session$30.00
VIP Unlimited$58.88
30 Day Pass$99.00
Buy 4 Get 2 Free$120.00
Annual Pass$688.00

Sunless Single Sessions

ServicesAverage Price
Single Session Sunless$30.00
Single Session Sunless + Dark$35.00
Single Session Sunless + Dark + Options$40.00

Sunless Pack Pricing

ServicesAverage Price
6 Pack Sunless$120.00
6 Pack Sunless + Dark$140.00
6 Pack Sunless + Dark + Options$160.00

Sunless One Month Pricing

ServicesAverage Price
One Month Sunless$99.00
One Month Sunless + Dark$119.00
One Month Sunless + Dark + Options$129.00

Sunless Membership Pricing

ServicesAverage Price
Membership Sunless$58.88
Membership Sunless + Dark$68.88
Membership Sunless + Dark + Options$78.88

South Beach Tanning Bed Levels

Level 1 Beds

The “Level 1 Tanning” at South Beach Tanning offers the perfect introduction. Designed as the quintessential starter bed, it’s tailored to establish your base tan with impeccable precision.

Time-crunched? No worries. With a swift 15-minute run time, it’s an ideal tanning quickie, fitting seamlessly into lunch breaks or post-work routines.

Not just rapid, this bed boasts a wide tanning surface, ensuring an even, all-encompassing glow. And while you bask, lose yourself in melodies from the built-in surround sound stereo, with high-powered body blowers amplifying your comfort.

Level 2 Beds

Step up your tanning game with South Beach Tanning’s “Level 2 Beds”, often hailed as the ‘golden bronzer’ among tanning aficionados. These beds don’t just tan; they craft a sublime bronze glow, focusing on delivering that sought-after luminous effect on your face.

Equipped with high-pressure UVA facial tanners, every session crafts a sun-kissed allure. The enhanced output bronzing lamps ensure a deeper, richer tan, while the state-of-the-art cooling systems promise the utmost comfort.

Level 3 Beds

Experience the zenith of tanning sophistication with South Beach Tanning’s “Level 3 Beds”. A technological marvel, these beds come equipped with adjustable high-output UVA facial lamps that meticulously craft those deep, dark hues of golden brown that you yearn for.

Banish worries of burns, as these beds elegantly sidestep the UVB rays typically found in lower levels. Time-crunch? Opt for the swift 12-minute session or even the turbo-charged 7-minute rendezvous.

Emanating a symphony of soothing tunes, the music-rich ambiance uplifts your spirits, while the multi-speed full-body cooling offers unparalleled comfort. For those who prefer an elevated experience, stand-up units are also at your beck and call.

Level 4 Beds

Step into the realm of elite tanning with South Beach Tanning’s Level 4 Beds. Boasting the highest UVA output attainable, they’re the epitome of tanning luxury, ensuring the richest and most lasting shade of tan.

Complementing this prowess are the high-output UVA facial lamps, finely tuning every detail of your face’s tan. Despite their intensity, comfort remains paramount.

Revel in the breezy embrace of a built-in air conditioning unit and savor the delight of swift 10 to 12-minute sessions. The cherry on top? The lounge acrylic surface, ensures you remain cool, even as your tan turns spectacularly hot.

Level 5 Beds

Immerse yourself in the sumptuous embrace of South Beach Tanning’s Level 5 Beds. When you seek the epitome of deep, sultry shades, these high-pressure tanning units are your answer, curating the darkest tan imaginable.

Watch as your skin adopts a mesmerizing golden bronze sheen, a glow that continues its captivating evolution even post-session. And the best part? Maintain this envious tan with just 2-3 sessions a month, seamlessly fitting into your schedule.

The highlight, however, is its meticulous design: boasting an astoundingly low UVB percentage, it minimizes burning risks, ensuring you’re left with nothing but pure, radiant allure.


Step into South Beach Tanning’s Sunless Option—a haven echoing spa-like serenity. Leave behind any fears of claustrophobia; the design ensures comfort, creating a sanctuary for your tanning desires.

Bask in the delight of zero UV exposure, weaving the golden tapestry of a perfectly even, sprayed-on tan on your skin. But this isn’t just about tanning.

Elevate your experience with an infusion of anti-aging spritz and a transformative skin-firming regimen, ensuring you radiate youthful vibrance. And, as a cherry on top, relish the gentle gust of an air blow dry post-treatment, sealing in your tan’s allure.

Forget messy applications; the entire process is astoundingly mist-free. Dive into this unparalleled experience and emerge with skin that not only gleams in golden tones but also feels rejuvenated and firm. Why merely tan when you can transcend?

South Beach Tanning Membership Information

Seek unmatched radiance year-round with South Beach Tanning Membership. Whether sunbed or sunless tanning captivates you, anticipate undeniable value, ensuring every tan optimizes your glow.

Experience monthly upgrades, enriching your tanning journey. For those craving elevated tanning benefits, this membership isn’t just a recommendation—it’s a transformative leap. Check out the membership table below.

Pay Per Visit
Multiple Levels To Choose FromYesYes
Access To Any SBTC Location NationwideYesYes
Everyday Discounts On ProductsYesNo
Everyday Discounts On UpgradesYesNo
Freeze Your Plan AnytimeYesNo
Tan When You Want, Where You Want!YesNo
No Commitment, Cancel AnytimeYesNo

Products By South Beach Tanning

Dive deep into the luxurious world of South Beach Tanning’s products, ensuring every tanning session leaves you radiating perfection. Elevate your tanning experience with the Accelerators range, from the tantalizing Maliblue to the exotic Pink Palms™. Let #Tanlife™ and Prismatica™ weave their magic or dare with the Dare to be Dark™.

List Of Accelerators Products:

  • Maliblue
  • Turquoise Temptation™
  • Tanlife™
  • Opalescent™
  • Blonde Obsession™
  • DC Glow
  • Prismatica™
  • H.I.M. Fit™
  • W2Bronze: Tingle™
  • W2Bronze: Coastal™
  • Dare to be Dark™
  • Devoted Herbal CBD Moisturizer™
  • You Can’t Swim With Us™
  • Pink Palms™

But perhaps it’s the allure of a sun-kissed glow you’re after? The Bronzers lineup is unmatched. Discover the sultry tones of Somewhere on a Beach, the vintage allure of Filthy Rich™, or the opulence of H.I.M. Billionaire™.

From the tropical vibes of Bali Beach™ to the effervescence of Poolside Prosecco, each product promises a transformative bronze experience.

List Of Bronzers Products:

  • Somewhere on a Beach
  • Yes Way Rosé
  • Fuel My Fire
  • Neon Rose™
  • Black Velvet™
  • Indigo Illusion™
  • Dark AF™
  • Sunset Strip™
  • Bronze Confidential™
  • Devoted Herbal CBD Special Edition™
  • Filthy Rich™
  • Moroccan Midnight™
  • Ignite Noir
  • Color Me Coco™
  • Black Obsession
  • Fortune™
  • H.I.M. Billionaire™
  • H.I.M. Atlantic™
  • W2Bronze: Violet™
  • Girls Just Wanna Have Sun™
  • Aquaholic™
  • Chronic Color™
  • Triple Black™
  • Desired Darkness™
  • Poolside Prosecco
  • Coming In Hot™
  • Bali Beach™
  • Maui Mood™
  • Waikiki Weekend™

Not to be overlooked, the PTEMS collection is curated to complement your tanning journey. Revel in the refreshing embrace of Cloud Kissed or the sultry notes of Butter Rum Bliss™. Ensure your tan lasts with the Devoted Herbal CBD Moisturizer™ or indulge in the tropical Coconut Krem Body Wash™.

List Of PTEMS Products:

  • Cloud Kissed
  • Sunkissed Sweet Tea
  • HIM Hydrate
  • Barefoot Beachwood
  • Seaside Sunset
  • Butter Rum Bliss™
  • Bourbon & Honey
  • Saltwater Sundays
  • Coral Colada™
  • Devoted Herbal CBD Moisturizer™
  • Enchanted Emerald
  • Body Wash™
  • Coconut Krem
  • Body Wash™

Remember, a true tan is not just about color—it’s an experience. South Beach Tanning’s exquisite range ensures that each session is an exquisite journey, an escapade, a moment of luxury.

South Beach Tanning Hours Of Operation

Step into the luxurious realm of South Beach Tanning, where hours of operation have been meticulously curated to serve your tanning needs.

Recognizing your desire for flexibility, this top-tier salon offers extended hours, ensuring you bask in their exquisite services at your convenience.

However, a crucial note to remember: operating hours may slightly vary depending on the location. It’s always wise to verify with your nearest store beforehand to align your schedule seamlessly. Here’s the general timetable:

Operating DaysOperating Hours
Monday9:00am – 10:00pm
Tuesday9:00am – 10:00pm
Wednesday9:00am – 10:00pm
Thursday9:00am – 10:00pm
Friday9:00am – 10:00pm
Saturday10:00am – 9:00pm
Sunday11:00am – 7:00pm

Prioritize your skin’s radiance, and let South Beach Tanning harmonize with your calendar, bestowing upon you an unparalleled tanning journey.

History Of South Beach Tanning

South Beach Tanning Company stands as a beacon in the tanning industry, crafting a story of innovation and allure since 2003.

Inspired by South Beach Miami’s vibrant art deco ambiance, they’ve infused every salon with bright color accents, culminating in a distinctive South Beach Chic design. But what truly sets them apart isn’t just aesthetics.

Their air-conditioned premium beds, exclusive high-pressure beds, and state-of-the-art UV-FREE VersaSpa ensure they deploy only the pinnacle of tanning equipment.

Breaking the mold of a typical salon, these spaces resemble sought-after clubs in allure, boasting vast interiors – often 2 to 3 times larger than their counterparts, a trend that is becoming more common in the industry as seen with Seattle Sun Tan and Darque Tan.

Convenience reigns supreme here; extended operating hours, walk-ins welcomed, zero wait time, and varied levels of cutting-edge tanning devices.

At the core of their success? A passionate staff, unwavering in their commitment to ensuring a top-tier tanning experience with each sojourn.

Final Words

In the vast landscape of tanning salons, it’s evident that South Beach Tanning stands out, not only for its state-of-the-art facilities but also for its competitive pricing strategy.

The in-depth analysis of South Beach Tanning Prices in 2024 showcases a perfect alignment with the exceptional services offered. It’s an investment in a premium tanning experience, tailored for those who prioritize quality, ambiance, and expertise.

With a clear understanding of market dynamics, these prices reflect the salon’s commitment to delivering value without compromising on the quintessential experience patrons have come to expect.

As we wrap up our thorough examination, it’s worth noting that true luxury isn’t always about the highest price, but about the unparalleled value received in return.

Choose wisely, and let your skin radiate the quality you opt for.

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