iTAN Prices 2024 (Cost-Effective Tanning)


Pristine salons that resonate with the hum of the latest technology, iTAN offers an escape into the world of top-tier tanning and spa treatments without the premium price tag.


At the heart of their ethos lies a steadfast dedication to customer satisfaction—a promise echoed through the warm professionalism of their knowledgeable staff and the unwavering cleanliness of their facilities.

Every visit promises consistency; a reliable transformation into radiance, powered by the most advanced tanning systems in the industry. This salon understands the value of your time, ensuring each session is not just a service, but a landmark in your self-care regimen.

Discover the art of perfect tanning, underpinned by an unfailing commitment to your experience. The iTAN prices aren’t just about figures; it’s about the value in every golden detail.

iTAN Prices In 2024

Sun Unlimited iCLUB Membership

Membership InfoAverage Price
Access to every bed at every iTAN location$79.95/month
Switch between sun plus and sun pro beds(one-time $29 join fee)
Sun Pro Custom SunbedIncluded in membership
Sun Pro Stand-Up BedIncluded in membership
Sun Pro Stand Up BedIncluded in membership
Sun Pro Luxury SunbedIncluded in membership
Sun Plus Bronzing SunbedIncluded in membership
Sun Lite Sun BedIncluded in membership

Spray Unlimited iCLUB Membership

Membership InfoAverage Price
Access to Mystic Kyss and VersaSpa Pro booths$59.95/month
Mystic KyssIncluded in membership
VersaSpa ProIncluded in membership

Spa Unlimited iCLUB Membership

Membership InfoAverage Price
Unlimited spa services$89.95/month
FIT BodyWrapIncluded in membership
Clearing Photo FacialIncluded in membership
Anti-Aging Photo FacialIncluded in membership

Special Combo Memberships

Membership InfoAverage Price
Two-category membership$99.95/month
Sun Spray Spa membership (all-inclusive)$109.95/month
Join Fee for Sun Spray Spa membership$0

Additional iCLUB Membership Perks

Membership PerksPrice
20% off all single-session upgradesIncluded in membership
20% off all single session upgradesIncluded in membership
30% off your first product purchaseIncluded in membership
Access to any salonIncluded in membership
Ability to freeze for a month$5/month
Guaranteed rate protectionIncluded in membership

iTan Sun Services

ServicePrice (Each)Price (iClub) *Includes all services at $79.95/mo (Unlimited iClub Membership)
Sun Pro Custom Sunbed$30.00
Sun Pro High Pressure Sunbed$30.00
Sun Pro Stand-Up Sunbed$30.00
Sun Pro Luxury Sunbed$30.00
Sun Plus Bronzing Sunbed$20.00.
Sun Lite Lite Sunbed$10.00

iTan Spray Services

ServicePrice (Each)Price (iClub) *Includes all services at $49.95/mo (Unlimited iClub Membership) (Excluding Airbrush)
Spray Mystic Kyss$20.00
Spray VersaSpa Pro$20.00
Spray Custom Airbrush Tan$40.00
Spray Custom Airbrush Tan (3-Pack)$89.00

iTan Spa Services

ServicePrice (Each)Price (iClub) *Includes all services at $89.95/mo (Unlimited iClub Membership)
Spa Slimming Fit Bodywrap$50
Spa Anti-Aging Photo Facial$20
Spa Clearing LED Photofacial$20
Spa Anti-Aging Beauty Angel$20
Spa Restoring Teeth Whitening$40
Spa Restoring Teeth Whitening (3-Pack)$89
Spa Wellness Aqua Jet Therapy$20
Spa Wellness Renewal Hydration Station$20

Products Sold By iTan

TANOLOGY® emerges as the connoisseur’s choice, a line meticulously engineered for those who seek not just a tan, but a shield of hydration, a bastion against aging, and a catalyst for a complexion that radiates health.

You’ll find a triad of bespoke formulas designed to cater to every tanning preference. Formula 1, the Intensifier, enriches your skin’s natural color without the addition of bronzers. Formula 2, with its Natural Bronzer, bestows a sun-kissed glow that speaks of gentle summer days.

For a more dramatic transformation, Formula 3’s DHA Bronzer deepens the tan, evoking the essence of the tropics with every application. Beyond the sun’s embrace, your skin requires nourishment.

Each TANOLOGY® potion is suffused with superior anti-aging ingredients, targeting fine lines and skin imperfections, ensuring your tan is not only gorgeous but also caring for your skin’s long-term vitality.

As you envelop your skin with these elixirs, membership privileges within iTAN beckon, offering an exclusive monthly lotion membership, harmonizing luxury with convenience. The latest stride in the TANOLOGY® journey? The advent of 8oz bottles, ensures your sun-inspired alchemy is always within reach, wherever life takes you.

iTan Hours Of Operation

In a world where time is as precious as your well-being, iTAN understands the rhythm of your life. As Monday dawns, extending through Saturday, doors swing open from 9:00 am, welcoming the early birds until the last golden rays at 8:00 pm.

Sundays are your solace with iTAN, as the sanctuary for your sun-seeking soul opens at 10:00 am, embracing a day of rest until 7:00 pm. Before you plan your visit, remember that local variations may apply; a quick verification with your nearest iTAN store ensures your schedule aligns perfectly with ours.

Each moment you choose to spend with iTAN is curated to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle, ensuring convenience, consistency, and premium service whenever you decide to step inside.

Let the hours be your guide to a session that promises more than a tan—it’s a retreat into the care of seasoned experts dedicated to your radiant glow and utmost satisfaction.

Operating DaysOperating Hours
Monday09:00 am – 8:00 pm
Tuesday09:00 am – 8:00 pm
Wednesday09:00 am – 8:00 pm
Thursday09:00 am – 8:00 pm
Friday09:00 am – 8:00 pm
Saturday09:00 am – 8:00 pm
Sunday10:00 am – 7:00 pm

History Of iTan

The trajectory of iTAN prices mirrors a commitment to blending value with top-notch tanning experiences. Embarked on a mission to infuse each customer interaction with unparalleled care, iTAN has woven a legacy of satisfaction into the fabric of its brand.

In the same sphere, competitors like Palm Beach Tan and Beach Bum Tanning have also made their mark, offering distinct and quality tanning services. Clients, guided by iTAN’s promise, embark on a journey that guarantees not just a service, but a cornerstone in their pursuit of beauty and confidence.

Your quest for exceptional care and satisfaction finds its haven at iTAN, where convenience is not just a word, but a principle. With 31 strategically placed locations across California, the doors to a sun-kissed glow are always open, offering the luxury of choice and accessibility.

The staff, pillars of iTAN’s foundation, bring more than smiles; they deliver insights, fortified by SMART TAN and iTAN certifications, ensuring each recommendation elevates your experience.

In the sanctity of iTAN salons, cleanliness is a sacrament, with equipment meticulously purified, not once but twice, using the reputable LucasolTM products.

This diligence extends to every aspect, from the uniformity in pricing to the avant-garde technology that awaits you—skin sensing beds, advanced spray formulas, and a hydration station that rivals a rejuvenating oasis.

Choosing iTAN is a pledge for consistent, high-caliber care designed to augment natural beauty and empower daily triumphs. It is here that the nexus of innovation, expertise, and wellness transforms a simple tanning session into a cornerstone of your daily success.

Final Words

As the sun sets on our comprehensive exploration of iTAN prices in 2024, we recognize the value transcends mere numbers. It encapsulates a premium, all-encompassing tanning journey, reflective of iTAN’s dedication to service, satisfaction, and sensory experiences.

The strategic positioning of iTAN’s offerings marries affordability with luxury, inviting tanners to indulge in high-quality services without the steep expense.

With iTAN, customers access not just a service, but a tailored experience—where modern technology, expert consultation, and consistent care converge to enhance natural beauty.

This fine balance illustrates iTAN’s mastery in crafting pricing strategies that honor both the brand’s commitment to excellence and the customer’s quest for value.

In the grand scheme, these price points are not expenses but investments in one’s well-being and self-assurance, proving that true value in the beauty industry is measured not in dollars, but in the radiance of satisfied smiles.

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