Hair Mechanix Prices 2024 (Budget Men’s Grooming)


Hair Mechanix, an industry trailblazer, sets the gold standard in men’s hairstyling with its impeccable service, expertise, and unbeatable prices. Crafted as a haven for men, Hair Mechanix presents a symphony of styles, reverberating from the classy allure of celebrities to the rugged charm of football icons.


With a customer-first philosophy, they cultivate a dynamic environment where passion meets precision, resulting in hairstyles that resonate with individuality and finesse. Hair Mechanix prices in 2024 are a harmonious blend of affordability and value, echoing the brand’s dedication to satisfaction without compromise.

Draped in an aura of masculinity, the salon ambiance embodies a perfect blend of fun and functionality, fostering an enriching experience.

Entrust your tresses to the cultivated touch of their female hairstylists, specialists who breathe life into every cut, ensuring each strand tells a story of unrivaled style and sophistication. Dive into a realm where each service is a masterpiece, each detail meticulously curated to enhance your essence.

Hair Mechanix Prices In 2024


ServicesAverage Price
Classic Clipper$25.00
Skin Fade$32.00
Zero Fade$28.00
Scissor Cut$26.00
Buzz Cut$22.00
Straight Razor Head Shave$32.00

Hair Mechanix’s spectrum of haircut services is the epitome of precision, tailored exclusively to resonate with modern masculine aesthetics. Experience the meticulous artistry of the Classic Clipper, a timeless cut echoing sophistication.

The Skin Fade, a testament to seamless gradients, epitomizes edgy elegance, while the Zero Fade showcases subtle transitions, a harmonious blend of style and subtlety. If bespoke craftsmanship speaks to you, the Scissor Cut’s tailored precision won’t disappoint.

The Buzz Cut, a bold statement in simplicity, offers an audacious flair. Lastly, indulge in the Straight Razor Head Shave, a traditional technique refined for today’s man, ensuring unparalleled smoothness. Each service, a masterstroke, encapsulates Hair Mechanix’s commitment to excellence and innovation in men’s grooming.

Beard Care

ServicesAverage Price
Beard Trim$12.00
Beard Razor Line Up$10.00

Hair Mechanix excels in sculpting beards with unparalleled precision. The Beard Trim ensures your facial hair stays neat, embodying contemporary masculinity. For those seeking razor-sharp edges, the Beard Razor Line-Up crafts a distinct profile.

Then there’s Beardtopia, a transformative experience that refines and rejuvenates, setting you apart in the realm of sophisticated beard grooming. Embrace these services and redefine beard elegance.

Detail Work

ServicesAverage Price
Hair Line line-Up$10.00
Hard Part$5.00
Hair Design$10.00

Hair Mechanix’s mastery of detail work is evident in their offerings. The Hair Line Line-Up meticulously defines the edges, adding a crisp finish to your look.

Introduce a bold distinction with the Hard Part, a service that carves a clean, noticeable partition in your style. Elevate artistry with Hair Design, transforming your hair into a canvas of intricate patterns and shapes. Stand out with precision.


ServicesAverage Price
The Clean Up$18.00
Face Shave$32.00

Their shave services epitomize finesse. The Clean Up revitalizes your appearance, erasing stray hairs for a polished demeanor.

The Face Shave offers a seamless glide, ensuring a close and comfortable experience. Elevate your grooming ritual with expert precision, ensuring every detail caters to your skin’s needs.

Scalp Treatments

ServicesAverage Price
5 Minute Scalp Massage$7.00
10 Minute Scalp Massage$12.00
Shampoo Wash$5.00

Hair Mechanix’s Scalp Treatment Services rejuvenate and refresh. The 5 Minute Scalp Massage revitalizes, offering swift relaxation, while the 10 Minute Scalp Massage extends the indulgence, deeply soothing every tension.

Complementing the massages, the Shampoo Wash cleanses with precision, leaving your scalp invigorated. Commit to unparalleled scalp care, experiencing transformative effects with each session.


ServicesAverage Price
Chair Facial$15.00
Charcoal or Collagen Sheet Mask$15.00
Hot Towel Facial (8-Step)$25.00

Hair Mechanix’s Facial Services redefine holistic skincare. Experience the Chair Facial, meticulously designed to rejuvenate your skin in mere moments. Opt for the Charcoal or Collagen Sheet Mask, each tailored to purify and enhance skin vitality.

Elevate your regimen with the Hot Towel Facial, an 8-step journey, masterfully curated to deeply cleanse, hydrate, and restore your complexion’s radiant glow. Commit to exceptional facial care today.


ServicesAverage Price
Eyebrows Wax$12.00
Nose Wax$12.00
Ears Wax$12.00
Mr. Clean (eyebrows, nose, and ears)$24.00
Centerbrow Wax$6.00

Hair Mechanix’s Waxing Services stand as a testament to precision and expertise in grooming. Choose the Eyebrows Wax, a masterful technique that sculpts and defines.

Opt for the Nose or Ears Wax, each crafted to ensure impeccable cleanliness with utmost care. For a comprehensive approach, the Mr. Clean package integrates eyebrows, nose, and ears waxing, offering a harmonized and defined finish.

The Centerbrow Wax, meanwhile, focuses on that subtle detail, delivering a balanced and refined look. Entrust your grooming needs to these specialists and witness the transformative power of expert waxing.

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ServicesAverage Price
Natural Color$30.00
Permanent Color$40.00
Sides Only Color$15.00
Beard & Sideburn Tint$20.00
Brow Tint$12.00

Hair Mechanix’s Color Services redefines the artistry of hair transformation. The Natural Color service revives your tresses with hues that resonate with authenticity.

With the Permanent Color option, you embrace a lasting change, ensuring vibrant luminosity that stands the test of time. For those seeking targeted enhancement, the Sides Only Color concentrates on accentuating the contours of your face.

Meanwhile, the Beard & Sideburn Tint bestows depth and dimension on facial hair, crafting a distinguished appearance. Elevate those expressive windows to your soul with the Brow Tint, which lends definition and prominence. Elevate your style quotient with these meticulously curated color treatments.

Hair Mechanix Hours Of Operation

For those seeking premier “Manly Maintenance” at Hair Mechanix, understanding the salon’s operational hours is pivotal.

While the essence of the salon revolves around tailored grooming for men, ensuring you align your visits with their hours of service guarantees a seamless experience.

Hair Mechanix, a brand renowned for its masculine ambiance and expert grooming services, operates at specific hours tailored to accommodate its clientele’s needs.

However, it’s paramount to note that these hours can vary based on location. Thus, before embarking on your grooming journey, a quick verification at your proximate Hair Mechanix store ensures you’re on track.

To aid you further, here’s a structured table capturing their typical operational hours:

Operating DaysOperating Hours
Monday10 am – 8 pm
Tuesday10 am – 8 pm
Wednesday10 am – 8 pm
Thursday10 am – 8 pm
Friday9 am – 8 pm
Saturday9 am – 5 pm
Sunday9 am – 3 pm

Yet, as hours might fluctuate, ensuring a brief check with your nearby store remains a prudent step.

History Of Hair Mechanix Salon

Hair Mechanix stands as a beacon in the realm of “Manly Maintenance”, carving its niche in a male-centric atmosphere. Tailored grooming, specifically sculpted for men, is the heart of its offerings.

The salon’s interiors, drenched in masculinity, mirror the aesthetics of renowned establishments like Roosters and Best Cuts. From Precision Cutting to Scalp Treatments, their menu of services is vast, always prioritizing men’s needs.

Expertise runs deep here; seasoned stylists and adept barbers ensure each patron departs satisfied. Michigan is home to multiple Hair Mechanix locations, including Westland, Livonia, and Brighton, with a noteworthy presence in Jacksonville, Florida.

Distinctly elevated from conventional barbershops, this salon guarantees an upscale grooming journey. Their motto, “Manly Maintenance”, is harmoniously echoed in a backdrop reminiscent of Jack Roush Racing.

Whether you’re inclined towards timeless classics or contemporary styles, their vast repertoire caters to all. As the brand burgeons, it beckons entrepreneurs with promising business ventures.

Both appointments and spontaneous walk-ins find a welcome mat here, testifying to their unwavering commitment to exemplary service.

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Final Words

After an in-depth analysis of Hair Mechanix Prices, it’s evident that their cost structure aligns with the premium grooming experience they promise. These prices not only reflect the salon’s commitment to excellence but also its dedication to providing value.

Every service, curated with precision and expertise, showcases the brand’s deep understanding of men’s grooming needs. The transparent pricing strategy is a testament to Hair Mechanix’s authenticity and integrity.

As grooming trends evolve, it’s essential to recognize establishments that prioritize both quality and transparency in their offerings. Hair Mechanix stands out in this regard, ensuring every patron feels the worth of every penny spent.

While the realm of grooming constantly shifts, the value proposition offered by Hair Mechanix, evident in their pricing, remains consistently top-notch.

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