Palm Beach Tan Prices 2024 (Unveiling The Real Cost)


Bronzed, radiant skin isn’t just a fleeting summer dream but a year-round aspiration for many. Enter Palm Beach Tan – the reigning titan of the tanning industry.


With an impressive track record spanning three decades, this prestigious salon chain stands tall as the largest in the U.S., meticulously sculpting the nation’s sun-kissed look. But delve deeper and you’ll find it’s more than just aesthetics; it’s an ethos.

Palm Beach Tan pioneers the ingenious fusion of fitness workouts and tanning, revolutionizing the very essence of indoor tanning. This isn’t merely about vanity—it’s a holistic experience encompassing self-confidence and well-being.

As you embark on this luminous journey, we’re here to illuminate each step, presenting comprehensive insights into Palm Beach Tan prices and unparalleled offerings. So, ready to unveil the secrets of that enviable glow? Let’s guide you through.

Palm Beach Tan Prices In 2024

*Note: Pricing, memberships, and start-up fees may vary by location.


ServicesAverage Price
PBT One® (Sun or Spray for only $14.95 a month) (+$25 Startup fee)$14.95/month

Sunbed Tanning Membership

ServicesAverage Price
Silver Sunbed (Foundation) (+$25 Startup fee) (Gain Rewards)$27.95/month
Gold Sunbed (Improving Color) (+$25 Startup fee) (Gain Rewards)$41.95/month
Platinium Sunbed (Extended Bronze) (+$25 Startup fee) (Gain Rewards)$61.95/month
Diamond Sunbed (Less Exposure, More Bronzing) (+$25 Startup fee) (Gain Rewards)$111.95/month
Diamond Prism (Ultimate Experience) (+$25 Startup fee) (Gain Rewards)$131.95/month

Sunless Tanning Membership

ServicesAverage Price
Sunless Membership (+$25 Startup fee) (Gain Rewards)$66.95/month

Sunless Single Session & Package

ServicesSingle Session3-Pack
Sunless Single Session & Package$37.00$80.00

Monthly Plans

Note: $25.00 Startup Fee

ServicesAverage Price
Bronze Sunbed Tanning$19.95
Silver Sunbed Tanning$29.95
Bronze Sunbed Tanning (Flex)$29.95
Silver Sunbed Tanning (Flex)$39.95
Gold Sunbed Tanning$49.95
Platinum Sunbed Tanning$59.95
Gold Sunbed Tanning (Flex)$59.95
Platinum Sunbed Tanning (Flex)$69.95
Diamond Sunbed Tanning$109.95
Diamond Sunbed Tanning (Flex)$119.95

Upgrade Sessions

ServicesAverage Price
Bronze to Silver Session$7.50
Silver to Gold Session$8.00
Gold to Platinum Session$10.00
Platinum to Diamond Session$10.00
Silver to Platinum Session$12.00
Gold to Diamond Session$12.00
Silver to Diamond Session$14.00
Bronze to Gold Session$15.00
Bronze to Platinum Session$22.50
Bronze to Diamond Session$30.00

One Time Session For Monthly Plans

ServicesAverage Price
Sunless (One Time Session)$35.00
Versapro (One Time Session)$40.00

Sunless Memberships

ServicesAverage Price
Sunless Silver (One Session Per Month)$25.00
Sunless Gold (Unlimited Sessions)$69.95
Sunless Platinum (Unlimited Sessions)$79.95
Sunless Diamond (Unlimited Sessions)$89.95

Sunless Single Sessions

Premier Membership

ServicesAverage Price
Versaspa-Moist (Premier Membership)$35.00
Mystic-Dark (Premier Membership)$35.00
Versapro (Premier Membership)$40.00
Versaspa-Moist (2 Pack) (Premier Membership)$50.00
Mystic-Dark (2 Pack) (Premier Membership)$50.00
Versapro (2 Pack) (Premier Membership)$60.00

Non-Premier Membership

ServicesAverage Price
Versaspa-Moist (2 Pack)$70.00
Mystic-Dark (2 Pack)$70.00
Versapro (2 Pack)$80.00

Mystic Additives


ServicesAverage Price
Bronzeboost (Walk-In)$2.00
Mystic Myxers Fragrance (Walk-In)$2.25
Triple Bronzeboost (Walk-In)$5.00
Hypertan / Accelerator (Walk-In)$7.00

Premier (Except Diamond)

ServicesAverage Price
Bronzeboost (Premier)$1.00
Mystic Myxers Fragrance (Premier)$2.25
Triple Bronzeboost (Premier)$4.00
Hypertan / Accelerator (Premier)$7.00

Diamond & Sunless Members

ServicesAverage Price
Bronzeboost (Diamond & Sunless Members)$0.00
Mystic Myxers Fragrance (Diamond & Sunless Members)$2.25
Triple Bronzeboost (Diamond & Sunless Members)$3.00
Hypertan / Accelerator (Diamond & Sunless Members)$7.00

Products Sold By Palm Beach Tan

At the forefront of the tanning industry, Palm Beach Tan has carved a niche, establishing itself not just as the purveyor of the coveted sun-kissed look but as a holistic skin and wellness expert.

With over three decades of expertise, they have cultivated an expansive product range that goes beyond mere tanning, emphasizing health, skincare, and overall well-being.

Wellness Within™ Supplements by Premier Collection™

  • Vitamin D3 + K2
  • Slim Down Reset
  • Pure Collagen
  • Stress Relief
  • Keto Boost

Skin Care Products


  • Luxe Body Butter
  • Luxe Body Wash
  • Luxe Bronzer
  • Luxe Facial White Bronzer
  • Luxe Intensifier
  • Luxe Tan Extender


  • Black Ice Moisturizer
  • Black IndiGlow Violet Bronzing Mist
  • Body Exfoliant-Renewing Body Scrub
  • Chic Facial Crème
  • Facial Scrub-Warming Spa Exfoliant
  • Flawless Primer
  • Indulgent Body Wash
  • Perfect Bronzing Mist
  • Radiant Extending Mousse


  • After Tan Extender
  • Body Butter
  • Body Wash
  • DHA Bronzer
  • Facial Bronzer
  • Intensifier


  • Bronzer
  • Facial Intensifier
  • Illuminating Body Wash
  • Intensifier
  • Tan Extender
  • Tantalizing Tingle Bronzer


  • Customizable Self-Tanning Mist


  • Applicator Mitt


  • Body Exfoliant
  • Enhancing Tan Extender
  • Fragranced Body Mist
  • Purple Priming Mist
  • Self-Tanning Mousse
  • Self-Tanning Water
  • Sulfate-Free Body Wash

Palm Beach Tan’s meticulous attention to detail and dedication to offering a diverse product line underlines its commitment to clients’ holistic beauty and well-being needs. Their offerings don’t merely meet the industry standards—they elevate them.

Palm Beach Tan Hours Of Operation

In the bustling world of tanning and skin wellness, understanding when you can step into Palm Beach Tan’s serene environment is essential.

Recognized for their commitment to client needs, Palm Beach Tan has optimized their hours, ensuring convenience for their clientele’s diverse schedules.

Operating from Monday through Friday, they welcome visitors from 10:00am to 8:00pm. Weekends see a slight shift, opening at a leisurely 11:00am and concluding at 7:00pm.

This adjustment caters to both early birds and late risers. While these hours offer a general framework, it’s crucial to note that nuances exist based on specific locations.

It’s always wise to verify with your nearby store to ensure alignment with your plans. Here’s a concise breakdown for quick reference:

Monday10:00am – 8:00pm
Tuesday10:00am – 8:00pm
Wednesday10:00am – 8:00pm
Thursday10:00am – 8:00pm
Friday10:00am – 8:00pm
Saturday11:00am – 7:00pm
Sunday11:00am – 7:00pm

Prioritize your skin’s glow and well-being by leveraging these hours, but remember, a quick verification can save any unforeseen disruptions to your tanning aspirations.

Palm Beach Tan Locations

Spanning the vibrant tapestry of the United States, Palm Beach Tan has established its radiant presence. The vast expanse of their locations includes the bustling streets of California, the sun-kissed shores of Florida, and the cultural crossroads of North Carolina.

With locations in Idaho, Nebraska, Utah, Texas, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Iowa, North Dakota, and Arkansas, a luminous tan is never far away.

Furthermore, they shine brightly in Colorado, Louisiana, Ohio, Connecticut, Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri, Indiana, South Carolina, Alabama, Washington, Arizona, Nevada, Minnesota, Virginia, and several other states.

To pinpoint the nearest salon, you have two prime options: either initiate a simple search with your city, state, or zip code or delve into their ‘Browse by State’ feature.

As a bonus, every state hides potential special offers and coupons. Remember to verify the exact location for an optimum tanning journey.

History Of Palm Beach Tan

Palm Beach Tan’s illustrious journey manifests the epitome of tanning excellence. Rooted in Dallas, Texas, this empire of radiance was ingeniously cultivated by Parrish Medley in 1990.

A convergence of brilliance and vision, it burgeoned into the U.S.’s most colossal indoor tanning dynasty, shimmering under prestigious banners such as Palm Beach Tan, Palm Beach Tan Sunless, and Planet Tan.

An expanse of over 460 resplendent locations glorifies its vast dominion, echoing an unyielding commitment to bestow unparalleled tanning elegance. Similarly, Hollywood Tans and Sun Tan City have established their significant presence, emphasizing the competitive spirit of the industry.

Under the enlightened leadership of the dynamic Diane Lucas, the current president and CEO, the brand continues to flourish, cultivating innovations in sunbed and spray tanning lotions.

Palm Beach Tan’s history is not merely a chronological tale but a luminous saga of dedication, fostering a legacy of tanning magnificence and invincible standards of excellence.

Every facet of its existence, intricately woven into the fabric of tanning artistry, heralds an era where quality and innovation shine with unmatched brilliance.

Final Words

Having delved deep into the intricacies of Palm Beach Tan Prices, it becomes evident that their commitment to excellence isn’t merely skin deep.

This prestigious salon chain artfully balances quality with affordability, ensuring each patron feels the luxury of their services without the weight on their wallets.

Their pricing model mirrors the brand’s legacy, offering diverse tanning solutions catering to different needs and preferences.

As one evaluates these cost structures, the seamless blend of expert-driven insights and consumer-centric approach shines forth.

Embracing the synthesis of top-tier services and value propositions, Palm Beach Tan stands as a testament to the essence of upscale tanning without the upscale price.

In the ever-evolving world of beauty and wellness, their pricing paradigm sets a gold standard, reflecting the brand’s unmatched prowess and dedication to its patrons.

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