Island Sun Tanning Prices 2024 (Getting A Golden Glow)


Since its establishment in 1995, Island Sun Tanning has stood as a beacon of commitment to exceptional service in the tanning industry.


Through rigorous staff education, utilization of state-of-the-art equipment, and personalized consultations, they’ve mastered the art of tailored tanning packages. Their profound expertise in UV exposure promises a burn-free, natural tan attuned to individual client needs.

Their avant-garde tanning booths and beds harness high-pressure bronzing techniques to deliver an unrivaled UVA intensity, ensuring no burns or sun spots while still reaping the conventional tanning benefits.

Not to mention, Island Sun Tanning prices in 2024 are as appealing as $8.00 for a monthly spray tan, they’ve made premium tanning accessible. Add to this an atmosphere mirroring the serene escapade of island tanning, and it’s evident why Island Sun Tanning isn’t just a salon—it’s a tan revolution.

Island Sun Tanning Prices In 2024

VIP Membership

Monthly Fee: $17.00 (3 months contract is required) (Auto-renews monthly)

ServicesAverage Price
Red Light Therapy$3.00
VHR & Super VHR Visits$5.00
High-Pressure Visit$9.00
Spray Tan Visit$15.00

Imagine rejuvenating your skin with their avant-garde Red Light Therapy, an experience known to invigorate and refresh. Then, drift seamlessly to the VHR & Super VHR Visits, where your tan intensifies, harnessing the glow of a midsummer’s day.

But don’t stop there; the High-Pressure Visit beckons, promising a deeper, radiant hue, meticulously perfected for you. And if you yearn for that instant sunlit allure, their Spray Tan Visit ensures you shimmer with confidence.

Beach Club

Access any tanning station or cubicle in their facility, inclusive of the Versa Spa Spray Tan booth. Billing is consistently set for the start of every month.

Services (Duration)Average Price
6 Months$69.99
3 Months$75.99

Unlimited Monthly Plans

Plans with UNLIMITED access are set to auto-renew on the month’s initial day. These plans are non-transferable and cannot be paused. A fee of $29.95 applies for premature termination.


Services (Duration)Average Price
Spray Tan Booth$70 Per Month

Island Sun Tanning’s monthly offerings redefine luminous luxury. With their meticulously crafted Spray Tan Booth, achieve a radiant glow tailored for the discerning tanner.

3 Months Package

Services (Duration)Average Price
VHR-200 Watt Top Level VHR Bed$50.00 Per Month
High Pressure – Premium Bed$80.00 Per Month

The VHR-200 Watt Top Level VHR Bed exemplifies precision and brilliance. Meanwhile, the High Pressure – Premium Bed promises an unparalleled, immersive tanning experience. Three months of refined brilliance, harmonizing your skin’s radiance and grace.

6 Months Package

Services (Duration)Average Price
VHR-200 Watt Top Level VHR Bed$47.00 Per Month
High Pressure – Premium Bed$72.00 Per Month

The VHR-200 Watt Top Level VHR Bed delivers an unmatched luminescent glow, a signature of expertise. Not to be outdone, the High Pressure – Premium Bed magnifies this luminosity, merging technology and luxury.

Embrace six months of sun-kissed elegance, meticulously designed for those who demand nothing but the epitome of tanning grandeur.

High Pressure & VHR Pricing

HP Packages (Use any bed or booth)

Services (Number Of Visits)Average Price
1 Visit$19.99
4 Visits$72.99
8 Visits$129.99
15 Visits$219.99
33 Visits$424.99

VHR Packages (Use any VHR bed or booth)

Services (Number Of Visits)Average Price
1 Visit$11.99
4 Visits$39.99
6 Visits$57.99
12 Visits$94.99
25 Visits$184.99
50 Visits$354.99

HP Unlimited

(Access any bed or booth. Packages with unlimited access are non-transferable and can’t be paused)

Services (Duration)Average Price
2 Weeks$64.99
1 Month$94.99
2 Months$159.99
3 Months$219.99
6 Months$409.99
1 Year$789.99

VHR Unlimited

(Utilize any VHR bed or booth. Packages with unlimited access are non-transferable and cannot be paused)

Services (Duration)Average Price
2 Weeks$44.99
1 Month$64.99
2 Months$119.99
3 Months$165.99
6 Months$305.99
1 Year$570.00


ServicesAverage Price
Light, Medium, or Dark$36.00


ServicesAverage Price
1 Year Membership$110.00
2 Visits$61.00
1-Month Versa (Choose any shade. Limit 5 per month.)$90.00
4 Visits$110.00
8 Visits$196.00
3-Month Versa (Choose any shade. Limit 5 per month.)$200.00


Services (Package)Average Price
1 Versa Visit & 1 VHR Visit (Use any VHR bed or booth. High pressure add $14.)$39.99
3 Versa Visits & 3 VHR Visits (Use any VHR bed or booth. High pressure add $26.)$94.99
6 Versa Visits & 6 VHR Visits (Use any VHR bed or booth. High pressure add $39.)$165.99

Seamlessly blend the precision of Versa visits with the immersive experience of VHR sessions, tailored to your desires.

Elevate your radiance by choosing either a bed or booth and for those craving intensity, there’s the option to intensify with high-pressure upgrades.

Dive into this curated combination, harnessing expert methodologies to achieve that elusive, sun-kissed brilliance.

Spray Tanning

Monthly Spray Tan Session$9.00
Monthly Spray Tan Plan$10.00
Spray Tan Session$35.00

Whether it’s a single session or a monthly commitment, each spray encapsulates a blend of expertise and precision.

Elevate your glow, relishing in meticulously crafted sessions, guaranteeing a sun-drenched allure that both dazzles and revitalizes. Witness, firsthand, an expert touch delivering luminous, even results.

Bed Tanning

ServicesAverage Price
Bed Tanning Session$35.00
Monthly Bed Tanning Plan$39.00

Whether opting for a singular session or embracing a Monthly Bed Tanning Plan, you’re stepping into a haven of warm luminescence.

This sun-kissed journey, meticulously designed, not only transforms your hue but also invigorates your essence. Experience the expertly calibrated radiance with every visit, finely tuned to ensure a splendid, even tan.


ServicesAverage Price
UV-Free Spray Facial$19.99
UV-Free Legs Only$24.99
Solution Upgrades$10.00 To $15.00
Full Body (Moisturizing & Anti-Aging)$49.99

Whether you’re seeking the allure of a UV-Free Spray Facial or the charm of UV-Free Legs Only, you’re in for a transformative treat.

Explore the exquisite nuances of Solution Upgrades, tailored to elevate your tanning experience. And for those who desire a holistic touch, the Full Body treatment, infused with moisturizing and anti-aging properties, awaits.

Products Sold By Island Sun Tanning

Island Sun Tanning stands as an epitome of tanning mastery, not just in services but also in the curated products they offer. When it’s about skincare, their lotion bottle promotion is a treat: relish a 20% discount and complement your purchase with a free high-pressure visit.

Students and our valiant military personnel can wield a staggering 40% off with their IDs. Among the shelves, you’ll pinpoint renowned brands, echoing superiority and dedication to skin health.

Twilight Teeth, a revelation in teeth whitening, offers a gentle yet effective gleam, even for the most sensitive smiles. The extensive moisturizing solutions, like the revered Hempz and Devoted Creations, promise hydration with every application.

For those yearning for enhanced tanning, the available CBD drops infuse lotions, amplifying the results. Step into select stores, and the Glo Bar soaps & exfoliators beckon, crafted with nature’s essence to ensure prolonged spray tan vibrancy.

Bestsellers such as JWOWW tanning lotions, and the melanin-boosting White 2 Black Lotions, await. Your holistic tanning and skincare journey finds an ally in Island Sun Tanning’s diverse product lineup.

Island Sun Tanning Hours Of Operation

Island Sun Tanning is committed to accommodating the tanning aspirations of its valued clientele by operating at hours that align with varied schedules.

The door swings open from Monday to Friday at a convenient 10:30 a.m., allowing the sun seekers to bask in their desired tanning experience till a late 9:00 p.m.

This extends an invitation to both the early birds and the night owls. As weekends arrive, the hours slightly taper, yet the welcoming sign remains illuminated till 7:00 p.m. on Saturdays and a cozy 5:00 p.m. on Sundays.

This timing tableau is orchestrated to ensure that the essence of rejuvenation that comes with tanning is accessible across the week.

It’s wise to note, the operating hours might bear slight variation from one location to another. A quick verification with your nearby Island Sun Tanning store will ensure you step in at the right time.

Operating DaysOperating Hours
Monday10:30 am – 9:00 pm
Tuesday10:30 am – 9:00 pm
Wednesday10:30 am – 9:00 pm
Thursday10:30 am – 9:00 pm
Friday10:30 am – 9:00 pm
Saturday10:30 am – 7:00 pm
Sunday10:30 am – 5:00 pm

Your quest for a perfect tan has a companion in Island Sun Tanning, where the sun never sets on your tanning goals.

History Of Island Sun Tanning

In the annals of tanning elegance, Island Sun Tanning stands tall with a legacy that commenced in 1987. For over 34 transformative years, rooted in South Jersey, they’ve unfurled their golden wings, expanding their sun-soaked dominion to five sterling locations.

What drives this illustrious journey is an unwavering motto “The Best Tan at the LOWEST price GUARANTEED”. This isn’t mere lip service. They vouch for their pledge, welcoming all local tanning salon coupons, even throwing in an extra FREE VISIT for patrons wielding a rival’s offer.

Walking into their sanctum, you’re ushered into expansive chambers, immaculately maintained and teeming with cutting-edge tanning apparatus.

From high-pressure beds by luminaries like JK Ergoline and Sun Italia to UV FREE wonders like the Versa Spa that deploy an organic, odor-neutral True Bronze solution, the technology spectrum dazzles.

Yet, their essence is captured in a synergy of state-of-the-art offerings and a relentless commitment to superior value. For over two decades, they’ve not only illuminated the Garden State with their services but have also, quite literally, outshone their competitors, including the likes of Zoom Tan and South Beach Tanning.

Final Words

Reflecting on the market landscape, it’s evident that Island Sun Tanning prices stand as a pivotal factor in the tanning industry’s evolution.

Offering top-tier services without the weighty price tag, these prices signify an unwavering commitment to deliver unparalleled value.

It’s a culmination of over three decades of industry insight, where understanding the nuances of customer needs has been paramount.

By blending this knowledge with advanced tanning technologies, the salon ensures patrons receive an unmatched experience. It’s not just about competitive pricing; it’s about ensuring that every customer gets more than what they invest.

Such a pricing strategy, rooted in excellence, drives home the salon’s core ethos: quality tanning solutions should be accessible to all.

In an era where choices are myriad, Island Sun Tanning remains a trusted choice for those seeking both luxury and affordability in tandem. Every dollar spent here resonates with the brand’s promise of exceptional service and results.

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