BoRics Prices 2024 (Savings & Style Combined)


Have you ever walked into a hair salon and felt a pang of anxiety as you perused the price list? It’s no secret that salon services can be costly, and finding a salon that offers affordable yet quality hair services can be challenging.


That’s why today we’re diving deep into BoRics Prices 2024, a chain that offers a range of services at competitive rates.

Whether you’re in need of a quick trim or a complete hair makeover, we’ve got you covered with all the information you need to know.

BoRics offers an extensive range of hair services starting from just $19, and their most expensive services are only $65-$70. That’s right; you can get a fabulous haircut, color, or style without having to spend a small fortune.

So sit back, relax, and let’s explore together.

BoRics Prices & Services In 2024


ServicesAverage Price
Children’s Haircut (Age 10 & Below)$14
Adult Haircut, Shampoo, & Style$35 & Above
Adult Haircut & Shampoo$23
Adult Haircut$19

BoRics haircut services come in many different varieties, all designed to fit the needs of any customer. An adult haircut from BoRics is a simple cut that trims and shapes the hair according to your specifications.

When you get an Adult Haircut & Shampoo, it includes the cut and shampooing with quality products for a complete look.

If you want something more unique, the Adult Haircut, Shampoo, & Style provides you with the same trim and shampoo as before but adds in a styling product that helps hold your desired look longer.

Finally, BoRics offers Children’s Haircuts so your little ones can look their best too! All haircuts are done by experienced professionals who understand how to shape your hair according to its texture and density properly.

Visit one of their locations today and let us help you look great!

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Additional Services

ServicesAverage Price
Facial Waxing$12 & Above
Conditioning Treatment$7
Foil Highlights$75 & Above
Cap Highlights$65 & Above
Perm (Comes With Cut)$65 & Above
Hair Coloring$60 & Above

In addition to haircuts, BoRics offers other hair styling services such as facial waxing, conditioning treatment, foil with cut and cap highlights, perms, and hair coloring.

Facial waxing is perfect for creating a smooth complexion while removing unwanted facial hair. At BoRics, their experienced team can provide effective facial waxing with minimal pain and irritation.

Whether it’s an upper lip or brow wax you’re after, BoRics has you covered. Conditioning treatments are great for rejuvenating dry or damaged locks by replenishing lost moisture and restoring the natural shine back into the hair.

Foil Highlights involve using small pieces of foil to separate strands of hair and apply a dye or lightener to strands which are then heat processed for a beautiful effect.

The cap highlight technique uses a plastic cap with holes to create highlights. This method applies bleaching powder directly through the holes onto the desired area.

A BoRics perm uses traditional techniques as well as modern technologies to give clients a look they desire. Their experienced stylists can customize the size of curls and waves to create a style that best suits the individual’s facial structure, hair texture, and lifestyle.

For those looking for a dramatic makeover or just wanting to freshen up their look, BoRics offers an array of hair-coloring services, from highlights to lowlights and everything in between.

Their expert colorists use advanced techniques combined with top-of-the-line products leading to high-quality results that last long after you’ve left the salon.

Products Sold By BoRics Salon

BoRics salon is a part of the Regis Corporation, which means that it carries all the products and services you would expect from any Regis salon.

BoRics offers both men’s and women’s haircuts, styling, coloring, and perms. The salon also stocks extensive hair care products ranging from shampoo and conditioner to styling sprays, creams, and gels.

Their collection of professional haircare products gives customers access to high-quality items that will help them maintain healthy, beautiful hair.

Some of the top names in haircare that BoRics provides are American Crew, Biolage, Design Essentials, Designline for Men, Joico, Kenra, and MITCH Hair Products.

These products have been chosen for their excellent formulas that address a variety of hair needs. These brands provide something for everyone, from shampoos and conditioners to styling gels and mousses.

Customers can trust that these brands have been thoroughly tested before being added to BoRics’ selection – ensuring they get only the best haircare available.

Their professional stylists have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to helping people choose the right look and product.

BoRics Deals, Discounts & Coupons

If you’re looking for a salon that offers great deals, discounts, and coupons, BoRics should be your first choice. This salon is known for its incredible budget-friendly prices and frequent coupons.

BoRics offers 20 percent discounts on all products purchased at the same time as your service. This discount applies to all products, including shampoos, conditioners, styling products, and more!

BoRics aims to provide its customers with the best quality hair care services at an affordable price. This trendy salon has something for everyone, from free trims to discounts on conditioner and styling products.

To take advantage of all the savings BoRics offers, be sure to check out their website or app for all their latest deals and discounts.

They also post regular updates on social media channels like Twitter and Instagram so you can stay up-to-date on any new specials they may have.

Plus, many local newspapers include BoRics coupons in their Sunday circulars, so grab those when you can! For budget-conscious beauty enthusiasts, BoRics is the perfect destination for salon deals and discounts without sacrificing quality or service!

BoRics History

BoRics Salon was founded in 1981 and has grown to become an international brand of hair care and beauty services.

Starting out as a small business, BoRics quickly grew into a successful chain salon with locations expanding beyond the Midwest.

Roughly around 2002, BoRics was acquired by Regis Corporation, the world’s largest provider of beauty services.

After Regis’ acquisition, BoRics continued to expand its portfolio by introducing new products that were designed to meet its customers’ needs. Today, BoRics remains part of the Signature Style franchise owned by Regis Corporation.

As one of the leading providers of hair care and beauty services in the USA, BoRics continues to provide exceptional customer service through its innovative product lines and professional stylists who go above and beyond for each individual client.

Short History Of Regis

Regis Corporation is an iconic American beauty company with a rich history. Founded in 1922 by Paul and Florence Kunin, the company began as the Kunin Beauty Salon in Edina, Minnesota.

Throughout its nearly 100-year existence, Regis has seen remarkable growth and expansion due to its innovative approach to beauty services. In 1958, the business was renamed Regis after Paul Kunin’s sons took over the operations of the salon.

From its humble beginnings as a single small family-run salon, Regis has grown into an international enterprise with more than 10,000 salons and franchises, including the big salons that operate under Regis are roosters, costcutters, smartstyle & more.

Over the years, Regis went on to become a global leader in beauty salons, owning and operating over 276 salons alone.

The company also operates salons around the world and is a leader in providing high-quality cuts and color services at competitive prices.

Final Words

When it comes to budget salons, BoRics prices are affordable for those who are looking for quality services at an affordable price.

It’s important to note that the cost of the services offered by BoRics varies from location to location and can also be impacted by other factors, such as what type of products are used, what services are required, and how experienced the stylist is.

While saving money on your next haircut or coloring session may be tempting, what’s truly valuable in life is not just about dollars and cents but also about taking care of yourself and making sure you look and feel your best.

Ultimately, when it comes to deciding between different salon prices, never sacrifice quality for the price. The cost should always be secondary when considering where to get your hair done.

At BoRics, they strive to provide their clients with exceptional services while still being mindful of budget concerns.

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