European Wax Center Prices 2024 (Breaking Down The Value)


Experience the epitome of luxury and hygiene at European Wax Center (EWC), a leading name in hair removal salons, renowned for its commitment to quality and excellence.


EWC sets a benchmark in waxing services, offering unparalleled skincare, body, and brow treatments that cater to every unique need.

With an impressive presence of 878 locations across the United States, EWC has become synonymous with a smooth and invigorating experience, consistently prioritizing client safety and satisfaction.

Their signature approach, “Cleanse, Protect, Get Your Wax On, REJUVENATE,” showcases EWC’s rigorous sanitation and cleaning measures, ensuring a confident and comfortable waxing experience.

Whether you’re a first-time guest or a returning client, EWC’s competitive prices for a comprehensive range of services reflect its dedication to delivering a top-notch experience for all.

As a trusted voice in the industry, our comprehensive guide explores European Wax Center prices, offerings, and the seamless experience you can expect at their salons, shedding light on why EWC has earned its place as the go-to destination for waxing aficionados.

Join us in exploring the superior services and transformative benefits that set EWC apart in the world of hair removal and skincare.

European Wax Center Prices In 2024

Yearly Unlimited Wax Pass

ServicesAverage Price
Bikini Line$429.00
Bikini Full$520.00
Bikini Brazilian$611.00
Full Face Package$637.00

Unlock a year of flawless beauty with European Wax Center’s “Yearly Unlimited Wax Pass.” From defining eyebrows and underarms to achieving bikini perfection, indulge in limitless sessions. Elevate your allure, emphasizing a pristine full face, to truly captivate and shine.

First Time Guest (Buy 9 Get 3 Free)

ServicesAverage Price
Arms Half$288.00
Bikini Line$297.00
Legs Lower$324.00
Arms Full$342.00
Legs Upper$342.00
Bikini Full$360.00
Bikini Brazilian$423.00
Legs Full$612.00

Experience the radiant allure of expertly waxed skin with European Wax Center’s special offer for first-time guests.

Dive into a world of beauty by selecting from a range of services, including eyebrow, underarm, and half-arm waxing, as well as bikini line and Brazilian treatments.

Elevate your grace with waxing for lower and upper legs, and complete the look with full arm and leg services.

Make the most of this remarkable offer—buy 9 sessions and receive 3 free. Immerse yourself in a year of elegance and confidence, defined by impeccably smooth skin.

Returning Guests

Buy 6 Get 1 Free

ServicesAverage Price
Arms Half$192.00
Bikini Line$198.00
Arms Full$228.00
Legs Upper$228.00
Legs Lower$216.00
Bikini Full$240.00
Bikini Brazilian$282.00
Legs Full$408.00

Returning guests at European Wax Center, it’s time to pamper yourself with a stellar deal – Buy 6 Get 1 Free on a range of premium waxing services.

Flaunt perfectly shaped eyebrows, smooth underarms, and silky half-arm waxing. Revel in the confidence that comes with a bikini line, full bikini, and Brazilian waxes.

Elegance awaits with full and upper arm waxes, and step out with flair in upper and lower leg treatments. Embrace the allure of full-leg waxing and embrace the remarkable offer.

Buy 9 Get 2 Free

ServicesAverage Price
Arms Half$288.00
Bikini Line$297.00
Legs Lower$324.00
Arms Full$342.00
Legs Upper$342.00
Bikini Full$360.00
Bikini Brazilian$423.00
Legs Full$612.00

European Wax Center presents an unbeatable deal for returning guests: Buy 9 Get 2 Free on a host of lavish services. Experience impeccable eyebrows, velvety underarms, and radiant half-arms.

Accentuate your allure with a bikini line, full bikini, and Brazilian waxes. Showcase perfectly waxed full arms and upper and lower legs. With full leg waxing, step out with confidence.

Student Wax Pass (Buy 3 Get 1 Free)

ServicesAverage Price
Arms Half$96.00
Bikini Line$99.00
Arms Full$114.00
Legs Upper$114.00
Legs Lower$108.00
Bikini Full$120.00
Bikini Brazilian$141.00
Legs Full$204.00

European Wax Center offers students a fabulous opportunity: Buy 3 Get 1 Free on an array of remarkable services.

Achieve immaculate eyebrows, sleek underarms, and smooth half-arms. Choose a bikini line, full bikini, or Brazilian waxes to define your style.

Get stunning full arms, and upper and lower legs, and showcase your grace. For the ultimate elegance, opt for full-leg waxing.

Enjoy feeling refreshed and revitalized as a student, with a premium waxing experience.

One-Time Price


ServicesAverage Price
Stomach Strip$14.00
Back Lower$17.00
Chest Strip$19.00
Back Upper$22.00
Back Mid$22.00
Arms Half$32.00
Bikini Line$33.00
Legs Lower$36.00
Arms Full$38.00
Legs Upper$38.00
Bikini Full$40.00
Bikini Brazilian$47.00
Back Full$58.00
Legs Full$68.00
Stomach Full$28.00
Chest Full$28.00

Elevate your appearance with European Wax Center’s one-time price for body services. Achieve immaculate hands and toes, flaunt a refined stomach strip, and boast a polished lower back.

Exhibit pristine underarms, a sculpted chest strip, and a well-groomed upper and mid-back. Dazzle with smooth shoulders and half-arms, and confidently display a sleek bikini line.

Show off velvety lower and upper legs, a flawless full bikini, and an impeccable Brazilian—Revel in a full-back, complete leg perfection, and a stunning full stomach and chest.


ServicesAverage Price
Full Face$49.00

Experience a fresh-faced transformation at European Wax Center with a one-time price for face services. Elevate your look with a smooth chin and defined lip, reveal refined ears and cheeks, and display a sleek neck.

Breathe easy with a clear nose and sharp sideburns, emphasize your eyes with stunning eyebrows, and achieve ultimate facial harmony with a complete full-face service.

Products Sold By European Wax Center

Experience the perfect complement to your waxing regimen with European Wax Center’s expertly crafted products. Define and accentuate your brows with the Brow Liner and Shaper, Tinted Brow Gel, or the all-inclusive Define & Tame Brow Kit.

Extend your post-wax care with Travel Ingrown Hair Wipes or the soothing properties of Travel Aloe Body Polish, Body Lotion, and Body Wash.

Rejuvenate your skin while you sleep with the Mask Me® Sleep Mask or refresh with the tropical Coconut Travel Body Wash. Minimize hair growth with the Coconut Hair Minimizing System and brighten your skin with the Brightening Ingrown Hair Treatment Kit.

Experience ultimate hydration with the Aloe Body Polish, Aloe Hair Minimizing System, and Aloe Complete Soothing Kit. Stay groomed on the go with the EWC x TWEEZERMAN Slant Tweezer and Travel On The Go Kit.

Treat ingrown hairs with the Ingrown Hair Mist, Ingrown Hair Serum, and Brightening Ingrown Hair Serum. Stay fresh with Aloe Deodorant and indulge in the luxurious Graceful Body Polish, Body Lotion, and Body Wash. Prepare for your next getaway with the Summer Oasis and Spring Travel Kits.

Reveal smooth, radiant skin with the Face & Body Exfoliating Gel, Aloe Body Wash, and Aloe Body Lotion. Nourish your skin with the Coconut Body Wash, Body Polish, Body Oil, and Shimmer Body Oil.

Hydrate with the Shea Body Wash, Body Polish, and Body Butter. For sensitive skin, choose the Fragrance-Free Body Polish, Body Wash, Body Lotion, and Hair Minimizing System.

Keep your skin smooth and bump-free with Exfoliating Mitts, Face & Body Detoxifying Mask, and the Ingrown Hair Treatment Kit.

Get fuller, more luscious brows with the Brow Building Serum and Clear Brow Gel. European Wax Center’s products deliver the ultimate self-care experience for the smooth, confident skin you deserve.

European Wax Center Hours Of Operation

At European Wax Center, convenience is a top priority. With operating hours tailored to accommodate even the busiest of schedules, you can enjoy smooth, hair-free skin at your convenience.

From Monday to Friday, doors are open from 8:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., offering flexibility for early risers and those seeking after-work services.

On Saturdays, you can schedule appointments from 8:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., perfect for weekend self-care. Even on Sundays, European Wax Center extends its services from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., ensuring that you can fit in that essential waxing session.

Keep in mind that operating hours may vary by location, so it’s a good idea to confirm with your nearest salon. Below is a quick reference table of the typical hours:

Monday8:00am – 9:30pm
Tuesday8:00am – 9:30pm
Wednesday8:00am – 9:30pm
Thursday8:00am – 9:30pm
Friday8:00am – 9:30pm
Saturday8:30am – 8:00pm
Sunday9:00am – 6:00pm

At European Wax Center, convenience meets luxury. Visit during these hours and treat yourself to expertly performed waxing services that leave you feeling confident and refreshed.

History Of European Wax Center

Founded by the ambitious siblings Joshua and David Coba in the sunny city of Aventura, Florida, the European Wax Center (EWC) has become a household name in the realm of hair removal.

Their innovative venture, launched in 2004, initially gained popularity for its comprehensive waxing services. Over time, EWC has expanded its repertoire to include skincare, body, and brow products, catering to the diverse needs of its clientele.

With each salon spanning between 1,200 to 1,400 square feet, EWC can house a staff of 10 to 15 skilled professionals, ensuring that every customer receives personalized attention. In a mere four years, EWC experienced exponential growth, transitioning into a franchising model in 2008.

The brand’s expansion was meticulously overseen by David Coba, who held the position of CEO for 14 years before passing the torch to David P. Berg in 2018. Berg, a seasoned executive with an impressive track record at Carlson Hospitality, Bloomin’ Brands, General Nutrition Centers, and Best Buy, has since further solidified EWC’s standing in the industry.

European Wax Center’s continuous evolution includes a relocation of its headquarters from Aventura, FL to Plano, TX in 2019, facilitating job growth within the hair removal industry.

The secret behind EWC’s unrivaled popularity lies in its signature four-step waxing process, encompassing skin cleansing, pre-wax oil application, precise wax application for hair removal, and final, soothing skin treatment.

This comprehensive approach ensures that every customer leaves feeling pampered, refreshed, and hair-free. With a rich history and a promising future, European Wax Center remains the go-to destination for those seeking expertly administered, rejuvenating waxing services.

Final Words

When you explore European Wax Center prices, you’ll discover that their services offer an incredible balance of affordability and quality.

These prices reflect the center’s commitment to providing top-tier hair removal and skin care treatments for customers seeking professional results.

Each treatment, meticulously performed by skilled estheticians, ensures a satisfying, smooth, and hair-free experience.

Whether you’re looking for a simple eyebrow shaping or a comprehensive full body wax, you’ll find European Wax Center’s prices are a testament to their belief in delivering luxury services at accessible rates.

Ultimately, the value of their services extends beyond the price tag – it’s about the confidence, comfort, and empowerment you feel when you leave their salon.

Investing in European Wax Center’s services is investing in a heightened sense of self-assuredness and the freedom to express yourself, unencumbered by unwanted hair.

Experience the transformative effect of European Wax Center’s offerings for yourself.

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