Lovely Nails Prices 2024 (Unveiling The Secret)


Lovely Nails, the premier salon renowned for its elegance and premium services, sets the bar high with competitive prices in the nail care industry.


This popular salon offers a lavish environment where clients bask in high-end nail services rendered by seasoned, licensed technicians.

This guide is invaluable as we meticulously unravel the enticing world of Lovely Nails’ prices. Not only will you be equipped with a comprehensive price list to plan your next pampering session, but we’ll also shed light on the hidden gems of their service offerings.

With their online booking system at your fingertips, navigating Lovely Nails’ versatile range of services becomes a breeze.

As we demystify this acclaimed Lovely Nails Prices in 2024, you’ll uncover the essence of quality and value interwoven in each offering.

Stay tuned, as every word in this post holds significance, painting a vivid picture of your future indulgent escape to Lovely Nails.

Lovely Nails Prices In 2024


ServicesAverage Price
Regular Manicure$17
Deluxe Manicure$27
Xtreme Manicure$35

Experience the rejuvenating simplicity of the Regular Manicure, a no-fuss treatment leaving your nails pristine and polished.

Elevate your self-care ritual by indulging in the Deluxe Manicure, infused with the luxury of an aroma bubble bath and a soothing massage.

If you’re yearning for full-scale pampering, immerse in the Xtreme Manicure, an exquisite fusion of high-end treatments, including hot stone massages and a hydrating sorbet gel finish, promising an unforgettable salon experience.


ServicesAverage Price
Express Pedicure$27
Foot Massage$35
Deluxe Pedi-Spa$35
Xtreme Pedi-Spa$53

Witness a relaxing retreat with the Pedi-Spa, a treat to your feet with whirlpool jets soothing your stresses away. If time is of the essence, the Express Pedicure is your quick-fix solution to well-groomed feet.

For an enchanting break from the hustle and bustle, surrender to the comforting embrace of a Foot Massage. Indulge your senses with the Deluxe Pedi-Spa, a luxury treatment combining a soak, scrub, and massage.

For an all-out pampering session, the Xtreme Pedi-Spa is the pièce de résistance, offering an unmatched experience of foot-care splendor.

Artificial Nails

ServicesAverage Price
Fill-ins Acrylic$20 & up
Full Set Acrylic$30 & up
Fill-ins SNS (Dip Powdered Nails)$25 & up
Full Set SNS (Dip Powdered Nails)$35 & up
Fill-ins Pink & White$30 & up
Full Set Pink & White$35 & up
Fill-ins China Silk$25 & up
Full Set China Silk$35 & up
Fill-ins Builder Gel$25 & up
Full Set Builder Gel$35 & up
Full Set Pink & White SNS (Dip Powdered Nails)$40 & up
Fill-ins Pink & White SNS (Dip Powdered Nails)$35 & up
Soak-Off Color Gel$15 & up
Clear Gel Coating for Acrylic or Silk Nails$5 & up

The Acrylic Fill-ins and Full Set services are tailored to refresh or completely revamp your nail game with sturdy, glossy finishes.

If you’re inclined towards modern nail technology, the SNS, or Dip Powdered Nails, Fill-ins, and Full Set options provide an enduring, chip-free solution, contributing to healthier, stronger nails over time.

Exploring the beauty of contrast, the Pink & White services, both in fill-ins and full sets, yield an appealing, classic French manicure look that never goes out of style.

Similarly, Lovely Nails’ China Silk Fill-ins and Full Sets extend a unique experience of delicate, lightweight, and natural-looking nails.

Builder Gel services are designed for those who desire the durability of acrylic and the glossy finish of gel, offered as both fill-ins and full sets.

Venturing into a fusion of color and technology, Full Set and Fill-ins of Pink & White SNS grant your nails a radiant, two-tone effect while strengthening them.

The Soak-Off Color Gel option lets you switch your style effortlessly, and the Clear Gel Coating service ensures an additional protective layer for Acrylic or Silk Nails, promising enhanced durability and shine.

Kids Services

ServicesAverage Price
Hand-Painted Design$2
French Color (w/ Service)$2
Manicure (5 and under)$9
Pedicure (5 and under)$15
Manicure (8 and under)$10
Pedicure (8 and under)$16
Manicure (12 and under)$11
Pedicure (12 and under)$17
Color Change$4

The child-friendly atmosphere and a skilled and patient team ensure a relaxing, fun-filled experience. From chic Hand-Painted Designs to a vibrant Color Change, every treatment promises a playful twist on traditional nail care.

For those desiring a classy flair, the French Color service adds a stylish edge, even complementing other services.

Age-specific Manicure and Pedicure services for those 5 and under, 8 and under, and 12 and under offer an array of tailored treatments for youthful nails. Each session spruces up their tiny nails and nurtures them with care.

Enabling young ones to flaunt their personal style, Lovely Nails pampers them while they step into the colorful world of beauty and self-expression.

Skin & Body Care

ServicesAverage Price
Salicylic Peel$15
Enzyme Peel$15
Clinical Colloidal Oatmeal Masque$15
Contour Masque$15
Stress Therapy$40
Full Facial$48
BioActive Peel$54
Back Treatment$65
Back Therapy$65
European Facial$60
Mediback Clearning$75
AGE Smart$75

Each treatment, anchored in science and enriched by nature, meticulously targets unique skincare needs. Envelop your skin in the exfoliating touch of the Salicylic and Enzyme Peels, precisely designed to slough off dead skin cells, revealing a fresh, glowing layer beneath.

Indulge in the nourishing Clinical Colloidal Oatmeal Masque or the Contour Masque for an instant hydration boost and skin-tightening effect.

The Stress Therapy service unveils a tranquil space to unburden your mind while rejuvenating your skin. Opt for a Full Facial or a BioActive Peel, treatments that employ advanced skincare technology to revitalize and retexturize the skin.

Delight in the therapeutic benefits of Back Treatments and Back Therapy, a deep cleanse and exfoliation journey for often neglected skin.

Or perhaps you prefer the European Facial, a classic beauty regimen that refines and brightens your skin. Experience Mediback Clearning’s potent effects on acne-prone skin, leaving you with a clear and radiant complexion.

Don’t miss out on the AGE Smart service, a revolutionary approach to anti-aging skincare designed to combat and mitigate the signs of aging.


ServicesAverage Price
Lashes Refill$50
Eyelash Extensions$100
Xtreme Lashes Refill$65
Xtreme Eyelash Extensions$130

Delve into the transformative world of Eyelash Extensions, meticulously applied to enhance your natural lashes, adding length, volume, and a captivating charm. The Lashes Refill service ensures your eyelash extensions remain lush and full if you require a touch-up.

For those seeking the ultimate in luxury, opt for the Xtreme Eyelash Extensions, where each lash is handcrafted for impeccable quality and longevity. For regular upkeep, the Xtreme Lashes Refill is designed to replenish your lashes, ensuring a consistently captivating look.


ServicesAverage Price
Eyebrows (tweezed extra)$9 & up
Under Arms$15 & up
Eyebrows & Lip$15 & up
Half Arms$20
Bikini Line$20 & up
Full Arms$35
Full Face$35
Full Back$35 & up
Half Legs (upper or lower)$25
Brazilian Bikini$35 & up
Full Legs$40 & up
Full Legs with Bikini Line$55

Specializing in areas like the lips, fingers, and toes, they perfect even the smallest details, ensuring a refined look. For the more distinctive areas, such as the sideburns or neck, trained professionals utilize precision techniques for a polished result.

Their expertise extends to more comprehensive services, like eyebrow shaping, underarm waxing, or half and full arm treatments, customized for individual comfort and satisfaction.

Unveil your summer-ready skin with their abdomen, bikini line, or Brazilian bikini services, handled with utmost care and professionalism. For full coverage, opt for the full leg wax or combine it with a bikini line treatment for a complete, refreshing experience.

Lovely Nails also provides waxing solutions for larger areas, such as the full face, back, or chest, executed with the attention and skill these crucial zones demand.


ServicesAverage Price
Leathering Gel for Manicure$3
Hand-Painted Design$3
Nail Decals or Charms (each)$1
Color Change$6
French Color or Chamois Buffing$5
Broken Nail (without fill-ins)$3 & up
Soak-Off Gel Removal$5
Callus Treatment$5
Sea Salt/Mineral Sugar Exfoliation$5
Mud, Clay, Marine, or Cooling Gel Masque$5
Hot Oil/Lotion for Manicure$5
Paraffin Treatment$7
Extra Massage (15 minutes)$10
Modeling Mask (25 minutes)$20
Hot Stone Massage (15 minutes)$20
Shoulder Massage (each minute)$1
Artificial Nails Taken Off$10

For those seeking an added sparkle to their manicure, options like Leathering Gel or Hand-Painted Designs provide a touch of glamour, while Nail Decals and Charms add the perfect personalized detail.

You can reinvent your look whenever inspiration strikes with services such as Color Change, French Color, and Chamois Buffing.

Addressing specific needs, they offer services like Callus Treatment for rejuvenation, Soak-Off Gel Removal for transitioning styles, and Broken Nail Care to maintain impeccable hands.

Engage your senses with Sea Salt or Mineral Sugar Exfoliation, or indulge in a Mud, Clay, Marine, or Cooling Gel Masque for a refreshing skin treat. Add warmth with Hot Oil or a Lotion Manicure, or relish in the deep moisturizing benefits of a Paraffin Treatment.

For ultimate relaxation, choose from additional pampering sessions like an extra massage, a soothing hot stone massage, or even a shoulder massage that targets stress points. To complete your look, they also provide removal services for artificial nails.

Lovely Nails Salon Hours Of Operation

Lovely Nails caters to the rhythms of your busy life, with flexible operating hours designed to accommodate your schedule.

Providing a haven of pampering and self-care, they open their doors six days a week from 9:00 am, ensuring you can start your day with a soothing self-care routine.

From Monday through Friday, their skilled professionals remain on hand until 7:00 pm, enabling even the busiest of individuals to sneak in some time for themselves after a long day of work.

On Saturdays, they maintain this dedication to accessibility by adjusting their hours slightly, remaining open from 9:00 am until 6:00 pm.

Sundays, designed for relaxation, see Lovely Nails welcoming guests from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, offering a perfect opportunity to unwind and prepare for the week ahead.

Their hours reflect a commitment to your well-being and convenience, ensuring you can always find time to enjoy the benefits of their extensive range of services.

Operating DaysOperating Hours
Monday9:00 am – 7:00 pm
Tuesday9:00 am – 7:00 pm
Wednesday9:00 am – 7:00 pm
Thursday9:00 am – 7:00 pm
Friday9:00 am – 7:00 pm
Saturday9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sunday10:00 am – 5:00 pm

History Of Lovely Nails Salon

Delving into the history of Lovely Nails and Spa, a salon that has etched its reputation in Irvine, California, reveals a testament to perseverance, skill, and an unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. Their journey mirrors the success of other salons like Regal Nails, Happy Nails & more.

Established as a humble haven for beauty, Lovely Nails has flourished, now boasting two accessible locations within Irvine’s trendy avenues.

From the outset, Lovely Nails and Spa sought to distinguish itself by offering services and experiences. The salon menu spans a delightful range of offerings – rejuvenating pedicures, meticulous manicures, soothing massages, precise waxing, and exquisite eyelash extensions.

They skillfully crafted these services, aiming to promote self-care while offering the joy of savings through their enticing promotions.

Lovely Nails and Spa also embraces digital convenience. In a world that thrives on the convenience of clicks, they offer online booking, ensuring easy appointment scheduling to serve their busy clientele better.

Despite the emphasis on modernization, Lovely Nails retains an atmosphere of tranquillity, creating an escape within the salon walls.

Clients can read or indulge in some TV viewing, adding comfort to the care they receive. Lovely Nails and Spa has earned a stellar reputation for its friendly ambiance and commitment to excellence.

This reputation fuels their ambition as they plan to spread their services across North America, making them a continent-wide synonym for self-care and rejuvenation.

At its core, Lovely Nails and Spa aims to be a comprehensive solution to its customers beauty needs, a salon that meets and exceeds expectations. Its journey so far stands as a testament to this aspiration.

Final Words

To wrap things up, the harmonious blend of quality services, expert care, and compelling value makes Lovely Nails an unparalleled choice in the beauty industry.

The essence of their commitment to customers is reflected in Lovely Nails Prices, a testament to the brand’s mission to provide affordable luxury.

They offer a rich spectrum of services designed meticulously to enhance the beauty and induce relaxation. This salon in Irvine, California, has crafted an environment that embraces the modern, the tranquil, and the convenient.

As Lovely Nails and Spa expands, it continues to uphold its dedication to creating exceptional beauty experiences, a promise embedded in every facet of its operation.

It is a beacon of self-care and rejuvenation, inviting you to discover the delight of beauty treatments that truly respect your needs and budget.

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