Nails Of America Prices 2024 (Worth Every Penny?)


Dive into the world of exceptional nail services at Nails of America, the salon that has transformed countless fingertips into mesmerizing works of art.


With a wide range of high-quality services, seasoned technicians, and a soothing ambiance, this salon has become the go-to destination for nail enthusiasts.

This guide delves into the details of Nails of America prices in 2024, showcasing the affordability that has made it a favorite among nail aficionados.

We have meticulously compiled all the necessary information you need to make an informed decision for your next nail appointment.

As experts in the industry, we understand the importance of combining skill, variety, and affordability. This comprehensive guide will prove invaluable for first-time visitors and loyal clients alike, guaranteeing a satisfying experience at every appointment.

Nails of America’s commitment to providing outstanding customer service, a relaxing atmosphere, and a diverse range of services has set the bar for other salons.

Continue reading to uncover how Nails of America has managed to maintain its excellent reputation and learn about the remarkable services that await you.

Nails Of America Prices In 2024


ServicesAverage Prices
Classic Pedicure$29.00
Classic Pedicure With scrub$34.00
Pamper Me Pedicure$42.00
Spoil Me Pedicure$57.00
Herbal Spa Pedicure$65.00
NOA Luxury Pedicure$65.00
Jelly Pedicure$70.00

The Classic Pedicure, a testament to timeless elegance, lavishes your feet with a soothing soak and meticulous nail care.

For an added touch of indulgence, the Classic Pedicure with Scrub exfoliates away weariness, revealing the natural beauty of your feet.

In the mood for more? The Pamper Me Pedicure introduces your feet to a luxurious treatment, ensuring your toes tingle with delight.

The Spoil Me Pedicure takes it a step further, immersing your feet in a symphony of care that leaves them feeling utterly renewed.

Harness the power of nature with the Herbal Spa Pedicure, a unique blend of organic ingredients that refresh your feet.

The NOA Luxury Pedicure, a signature service, transforms a routine pedicure into an extraordinary experience of opulence.

Lastly, discover the magic of the Jelly Pedicure, a tantalizing treatment that cocoons your feet in a soothing jelly bath, promising unparalleled relaxation.


ServicesAverage Prices
Classic Manicure$18.00
Pamper Me Manicure$28.00
Spoil Me Manicure$38.00

The Classic Manicure, a staple of refined care, treats your hands to a symphony of essential grooming steps, from cuticle care to nail shaping, ensuring each finger radiates with grace.

Should you crave a touch of luxury, the Pamper Me Manicure envelops your hands in a warm embrace of supreme care.

This treatment takes you on a voyage of relaxation, culminating in a professional polish that leaves your nails gleaming.

For those seeking the ultimate indulgence, the Spoil Me Manicure provides an unforgettable experience. This manicure elevates the concept of nail care, bestowing your hands with a comprehensive treatment that transcends the ordinary.

VIP Manicures

ServicesAverage Prices
Classic Manicure$22.00
Pamper Me Manicure$32.00
Spoil Me Pedicure$42.00

The Classic Manicure, already a crowd-pleaser, receives a VIP makeover, elevating the standard nail care routine to new heights of refinement and precision.

The VIP Pamper Me Manicure takes the experience a notch higher. This luxury service showers your hands with the added attention, creating an ambiance of relaxation while your nails are groomed to perfection and finished with professional polish.

The VIP Spoil Me Pedicure – a grand finale in the VIP lineup – is a testament to the mastery of their experienced technicians.

This top-tier service offers comprehensive care for your feet, allowing you to revel in an unparalleled pedicure experience.

Artificial Nails

ServicesAverage Prices
Refill Pink W/ Clear Gel$35.00
Refill Pink W/ Regular Polish$35.00
Full Set Pearl Tip W/ Clear Gel$42.00
Full set White Tip W/ Clear Gel$42.00
Refill Color Powder (Same Color)$42.00
Full Set Reg. Polish$45.00
Dipping Powder Color (With Free Take-Off)$47.00
Refill Color Powder (Different Colors)$47.00
Refill Pink & White$47.00
Full Set Color Powder$47.00
Fill Gel$48.00
Dipping Powder French (With Free Take-Off)$55.00
Full Set Pink and White$55.00
Full Set with Gel Polish$55.00
Dipping Powder W/ Fake Tips (Inclusive Free Take-Off)$50.00

The Refill Pink service, offered with either Clear Gel or Regular Polish, is a testament to their commitment to maintaining your manicure’s freshness and vibrancy.

On the other hand, the Full Set services, available with Pearl or White Tip and Clear Gel, are perfect for those seeking a complete transformation, delivering a stunning, flawless look.

For those who love to experiment with color, the Refill Color Powder service lets you retain your favorite hue or venture into new ones. But if it’s a fresh palette you’re after, the Full Set Color Powder service is your ticket to a vibrant new beginning.

To those who prefer the resilience of gel polish, the Fill Gel and Full Set with Gel Polish services offer a glossy, long-lasting finish that resists chipping and peeling.

And for the lovers of French manicures, the Dipping Powder French service captures the classic elegance that never goes out of style.

Nails of America’s foray into advanced techniques is exemplified in their Dipping Powder services. This innovative method, offered with Color or with Fake Tips, combines the strength of acrylic with the flexibility of gel. A natural-looking, lightweight, and durable finish that feels as good as it looks.

For a grand finale, the Full Set Pink and White service offer a timeless look with impeccable precision.

Kids Mani/Pedi

ServicesAverage Prices
Extra Color Line$5.00
Design (2 Nails)$5.00
Regular Manicure$11.00
Regular Pedicure$18.00
Pamper Me Manicure$15.00
Kid Combo Regular Mani & Pedi$29.00
Spoil Me Manicure$21.00
Pamper Me Pedicure$27.00
Spoil Me Pedicure$32.00

Every child loves to feel special and pampered, and what better way than with a Regular Manicure or Pedicure? These services are tailored to small hands and feet, providing gentle care and a dash of color.

For a more indulgent experience, the Pamper Me Manicure and Pedicure add a hint of luxury, transforming the usual routine into an extraordinary treat.

If you’re looking for the ultimate royal treatment, the Spoil Me Manicure and Pedicure will definitely make your child feel like a VIP. These services take pampering to the next level, with extra attention to detail and an extended massage.

The Kid Combo Regular Mani & Pedi is a favorite among parents and children alike, combining two services in one for a complete pampering session.

To add a fun twist, consider the Extra Color Line or Design services. These allow your child to express their creativity and personality, whether they prefer a simple extra color line or a fun design on two nails.


ServicesAverage Prices
Under Arms$25.00
Half Arms$30.00
Face Wax$35.00
Half Legs$40.00
Full Arms$40.00
Bikini Line$40.00
Bikini French$50.00
Full Back$65.00
Bikini Brazilian$70.00
Full Leg$70.00

Their waxing services offer a comprehensive range of options, tailored to the unique needs of each client. Starting from the face, the Lip, Chin, and Eyebrow waxing services meticulously remove unwanted hair, revealing a fresher, more defined look.

For those seeking a more intensive treatment, the Full Face Wax provides a complete transformation.

The Under Arms, Half Arms, and Full Arms waxing services cater to those who desire a sleeker, more polished appearance, while the Half Legs, Full Legs, and Bikini Line services ensure you’re always beach-ready.

For clients who prefer a deeper cleanse, the Chest and Full Back waxing options deliver a head-to-toe smoothness.

The Bikini French and Bikini Brazilian services add a touch of sophistication, providing a precise, comfortable experience designed with care and expertise.

Eyelash Extensions

ServicesAverage Prices
2-Week Refill$50.00
3+ Week Refill$80.00
Eyelash Extensions$150.00

Their initial Eyelash Extensions service transforms your lashes, adding volume and length for a striking, yet natural appearance. But the commitment to your stunning gaze doesn’t stop there.

Offering 2-Week and 3+ Week Refill services, they ensure your lashes maintain their lushness, continually capturing attention. Their expert technicians handle each lash with meticulous care, ensuring both comfort and longevity.


ServicesAverage Prices
Basic Facial$60.00
Anti-Aging Skin Resurfacing$80.00
Basic Facial + Dermaplaning$80.00
Microdermabrasion Facial$90.00

Their Basic Facial is an escape to tranquility, an experience that deeply cleanses and hydrates, offering a fresh canvas to the world.

The Anti-Aging Skin Resurfacing service stands as a potent tool against time, harnessing advanced techniques to reduce visible signs of aging and reveal a youthful glow.

The Basic Facial + Dermaplaning service takes skin care to another level, combining thorough cleansing with gentle exfoliation that removes dead skin cells and peach fuzz.

This leaves your skin smooth, with an enviable glow that radiates health and vitality. Lastly, their Microdermabrasion Facial is a powerhouse of renewal, gently abrading away dull skin to promote new cell growth.

Additional Services

ServicesAverage Prices
Gel Coat Only$5.00
Nail Repair & Service$5.00
Nail Repair Only$5.00
Cuticle/Nail Trim For Shape$5.00
Gel Take Off (Hands)$7.00
Takeoff Only (With Service)$11.00 to $17.00
Polish Change Hand$10.00
Extra Color Line$10.00
Polish Change Toes$12.00
Gel Take Off (Toes)$12.00
French Polish Change Toes$19.00
Gel Polish (Hands)$19.00
Gel Polish (Toes)$23.00
Nails Take off W/ Service$7.00
Gel Manicure W/ Soak Off$37.00
Gel Manicure$34.00
French Polish Change Hands$17.00

Begin with a touch of glamour via their Glitter service, adding a sparkle that’s sure to make a statement. The Gel Coat Only service provides an extra layer of protection, enhancing the longevity of your manicure.

Nail Repair & Service is at the ready for any unexpected chips or breaks, while Nail Repair Only is perfect when you’re in need of a quick fix. The Cuticle/Nail Trim For Shape service ensures your nails are always in tip-top form, emphasizing their natural elegance.

Peeling polish? Opt for the Polish Change Hand or Toes services. The French service adds a timeless chic to any look, while the Takeoff Only service offers a gentle removal of old polish, paving the way for a fresh application.

If you’re a fan of gel polish, you’re in good hands. The Gel Take Off services for Hands and Toes ensure a safe removal process, and their French Polish Change Toes service lets you switch up your look with a classic twist. The Gel Polish services for Hands and Toes offer a high-shine finish that lasts.

For those seeking a comprehensive service, the Nails Take Off W/ Service provides a full cycle of removal, prep, and polish application.

The Gel Manicure W/ Soak Off pairs a luxurious soak with a durable gel polish, while the standalone Gel Manicure offers a quick, quality refresher.

The French Polish Change Hands service wraps up the roster, offering a sophisticated look that never goes out of style.

Products Sold By Nails Of America

Nails Of America has curated an impressive selection of top-notch, high-quality products to complement their range of services. When you step into a salon, you’re greeted by neatly organized shelves, brimming with products designed to meet every nail care need.

This carefully assembled collection of items caters to every facet of nail health and beauty, ensuring you can continue your nail care routine at home. Whether you’re a seasoned nail enthusiast or a beginner exploring the exciting world of manicures and pedicures, Nails Of America has got you covered.

With offerings from industry-leading brands, you’ll find everything from strengthening treatments, and nourishing cuticle oils, to vibrant nail polishes and gels. Each product stands as a testament to its commitment to quality, bringing salon-grade results right to your fingertips.

The beauty of this vast array of products is that they’re tailored to suit diverse needs. If you’re unsure about what suits your requirements best, don’t hesitate to ask a nail technician.

They’re more than willing to guide you, recommending products based on your specific needs, lifestyle, and preference. This personalized service ensures you take home products that truly work for you, enhancing the overall health and aesthetic of your nails.

Another advantage of Nails Of America’s product range is its affordability. High quality doesn’t always equate to high cost. They believe in providing excellent products that don’t break the bank, making nail care accessible for everyone.

You can trust that every product is a worthy investment, promising excellent results without straining your budget. The products offered by Nails Of America transform nail care into a pleasurable routine, rather than a chore. It’s about the journey as much as the results, and they’re here to ensure it’s a journey well-traveled.

Nails Of America Hours Of Operation

At Nails Of America, service availability is meticulously designed to provide ample opportunity for everyone to enjoy their premium offerings.

However, with Nails Of America’s flexible hours of operation, fitting in that much-needed manicure, pedicure, or rejuvenating facial becomes a breeze.

Open six days a week from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm, and from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm on Sundays, they ensure that you can schedule your appointments at a time that suits you best.

Be it an early morning manicure before work or a relaxing pedicure to end your day on a soothing note, Nails Of America’s operating hours cater to every lifestyle.

The table below shows Nails Of America’s operating hours:

Monday9:00 am – 7:00 pm
Tuesday9:00 am – 7:00 pm
Wednesday9:00 am – 7:00 pm
Thursday9:00 am – 7:00 pm
Friday9:00 am – 7:00 pm
Saturday9:00 am – 7:00 pm
Sunday9:00 am – 7:00 pm

Remember, while walk-ins are welcomed, booking an appointment guarantees your slot, ensuring minimal wait times and a more streamlined service experience.

Nails Of America’s commitment to your convenience and satisfaction is reflected not only in their extensive service portfolio and quality products but also in their customer-friendly operating hours. Enjoy your beauty journey at a time that suits you best.

History Of Nails Of America

Nails Of America has established itself as the premier destination for nail services in the vibrant heart of Spring, Texas. The journey of this esteemed salon began in the 1990s, with a vision to create a go-to establishment for nail care and beauty needs.

This vision was shared by other flourishing salons in the region, like Kim Nails, AJ Nails, Nails 4 U, and many others all of which contributed to the vibrant nail care scene in Texas

What started as a singular boutique has now blossomed into an impressive network of more than 30 operational and upcoming salons across Texas. This salon has become a haven, where friends can share their weekly stories and individuals can prepare for their most cherished moments, all while receiving top-tier beauty services.

Nails Of America is not just a salon; it’s a social gathering lounge, an oasis of comfort and relaxation, and a destination for luxurious, yet affordable beauty treatments. Innovation is at the heart of their operations. They’ve revolutionized the salon experience with their innovative spa chairs, providing unparalleled comfort and relaxation.

However, it’s not just about comfort and style. Nails Of America puts health and safety first, ensuring all instruments are meticulously sterilized to maintain high sanitation standards. The salon prides itself on providing excellent service in a relaxing environment.

Their team of professional technicians, armed with top-of-the-line products and the latest techniques, are committed to making each visit a memorable one. Over the years, Nails Of America has stayed true to its core values, offering quality and affordable services while continuously innovating to meet the evolving needs of its clientele.

It’s a salon that understands the importance of feeling good about oneself and the role that well-groomed nails can play in boosting confidence. With a rich history spanning over three decades, Nails Of America continues to uphold its reputation as the perfect destination for anyone seeking to enhance their natural beauty.

The salon’s history is not just about growth and success; it’s a testament to its unwavering dedication to providing an exceptional beauty experience to all its clients.

Final Words

Wrapping up our exploration into the world of nail care, it becomes clear that the prices offered by Nails Of America truly reflect the premium service and exceptional experience they provide.

This salon merges the concept of luxury and affordability seamlessly, ensuring an unparalleled beauty service. From their nail care to their facials and additional services, their pricing structure is crafted to keep client satisfaction at its core.

It’s not just about the cost, but the value you receive in return – a rejuvenating experience, meticulous care, and a boost in confidence.

So, whether you’re preparing for a special occasion or simply seeking a routine beauty regime, Nails Of America prices in 2024 assure a balance of quality, comfort, and value.

Their commitment to customer satisfaction and consistent performance sets them apart, making them a preferred destination for many.

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