Massage Green Spa Prices 2024 (Affordable Rejuvenation)


Immerse yourself in the soothing oasis of Massage Green Spa, a haven of affordable luxury where self-care is within everyone’s grasp.


As the landscape of wellness evolves, Massage Green Spa remains a cornerstone, consistently delivering a welcoming and relaxing experience to all guests across the US.

In this enriching exploration, we highlight this notable spa’s varied and budget-friendly prices, highlighting its value for members and non-members.

Indulging in life’s pleasures should not break the bank, and at Massage Green Spa, the extensive range of services comes at a price point as soothing as their massages.

Starting as low as $5 for enhancing services for members, up to a maximum of $179.95 for an immersive 120-minute massage for non-members, the menu caters to diverse preferences and budgets.

Dive in with us as we unravel the secrets behind their successful model, showcasing how wellness can be accessible, beneficial, and satisfyingly affordable.

With our in-depth industry knowledge and understanding of the spa world, you’ll gain valuable insights and find the perfect balance between luxury and cost-effectiveness.

Massage Green Spa Prices In 2024

Monthly Membership

ServicesAverage Price
Basic Plan (with one 60-minute full body integrated massage)$59.95 Per Month
Combo Plan (with 90-minute full body integrated massage & one 60-minute infrared therapy session)$89.95 Per Month
Premium Plan (with 60-minute full body integrated massage & one 60-minute facial)$119.95 Per Month

Dive into the world of Massage Green Spa’s monthly membership services, each designed to deliver exclusive wellness to members like you.

Consider the ‘Basic Plan’, an entry into the realm of relaxation featuring a revitalizing 60-minute full-body integrated massage, an experience built to rejuvenate the senses.

The ‘Combo Plan’ takes it a step further for those seeking more. This all-inclusive package harmonizes a deep 90-minute full-body integrated massage with a therapeutic 60-minute infrared therapy session designed to promote holistic well-being.

For an unparalleled wellness experience, the ‘Premium Plan’ beckons. It merges the soothing touch of a 60-minute full-body integrated massage with the radiance-reviving benefits of a 60-minute facial.

Each plan personifies the ideal route to self-care, emphasizing the luxurious journey rather than just a destination.

Massage (Members Prices)

ServicesAverage Price
60-Minute Massage$59.95
90-Minute Massage$89.90
120-Minute Massage$109.90

Embark on an exceptional wellness journey with Massage Green Spa’s member-exclusive services, tailor-made to fit your wellness aspirations.

The journey commences with the 60-minute massage, an exquisite blend of tranquillity and restorative touch, guaranteed to melt away the tensions of a busy life.

Seeking a more immersive experience? Let the 90-minute massage captivate you, an extended session designed to provide deep relaxation, sweeping away every knot of stress.

Finally, the 120-minute massage offers an unmatched escape from reality for those yearning for the pinnacle of relaxation.

This thorough service promises a full-bodied reset, resulting in revitalized senses and a refreshed state of mind.

Massage (Non-Members Prices)

ServicesAverage Price
60-Minute Massage$89.95
90-Minute Massage$119.90
120-Minute Massage$179.95

Stepping into the tranquil realm of Massage Green Spa isn’t a privilege reserved only for members. Non-members, too, can unlock wellness with their comprehensive selection of massage services.

Whether you crave a brief 60-minute rejuvenation, an extended 90-minute relaxation, or an all-encompassing 120-minute full-body retreat, Massage Green Spa accommodates your needs, offering an avenue to the tranquility that transcends membership boundaries.

Each service mirrors the Members Plan, only differing in cost, ensuring non-members experience the same level of care and attention.

Additional Services (Members Prices)

ServicesAverage Price
60-Minute Infrared Sauna Therapy$19.95
Hot Packs (with any massage)$5.00
Aromatherapy (with any massage)$7.00
Deep Blue Rub (with any massage)$10.00
Sugar Scrub (with any massage)$10.00
Suite (with any massage – limited availability)$10.00
Hot Stones (with 60-minute massage)$10.00
Hot Stones (with 90-minute massage)$20.00
Hot Stones (with 120-minute massage)$25.00
60-Minute Facial$59.95
90-Minute Facial$99.95

Members have the exclusive opportunity to luxuriate in 60-minute Infrared Sauna Therapy, an innovative treatment designed to cleanse your body from within.

Or perhaps you’d prefer a massage punctuated by Hot Packs’ warm, soothing embrace. Consider the addition of Aromatherapy, allowing the calming scent of essential oils to permeate the air, infusing your massage with an extra layer of serenity.

Dive deeper into relaxation with the Deep Blue Rub, a therapeutic treatment that penetrates deep into the muscles, or experience a gentle exfoliation with the Sugar Scrub that leaves your skin feeling supple and renewed.

For an even more elevated experience, opt for the Suite service, offering an elevated layer of privacy, or surrender to the exquisite sensation of Hot Stones.

Available with varying durations of massage, these heated stones glide over your skin, loosening tight muscles and encouraging deep relaxation.

Don’t forget about the Facial services – whether you choose a 60-minute refreshment or an extensive 90-minute treatment, you ensure your skin gets the nourishment it needs.

Additional Services (Non-Members Prices)

ServicesAverage Price
60-Minute Infrared Sauna Therapy$39.95
Hot Packs (with any massage)$5.00
Aromatherapy (with any massage)$7.00
Deep Blue Rub (with any massage)$10.00
Sugar Scrub (with any massage)$10.00
Suite (with any massage – limited availability)$10.00
Hot Stones (with 60-minute massage)$10.00
Hot Stones (with 90-minute massage)$20.00
Hot Stones (with 120-minute massage)$25.00
60-Minute Facial$89.95
90-Minute Facial$139.95

Massage Green Spa still extends its offering of exquisite wellness services for those not yet ready to commit to a membership.

Bask in the warmth of a 60-minute Infrared Sauna therapy, surrender to the aromatic calm of Aromatherapy with a massage, or pamper your skin with a lush Sugar Scrub.

Experience the muscle-soothing power of the Deep Blue Rub, enhance privacy with our limited availability Suite, or discover the tranquility of Hot Stones paired with varying massage durations.

Additionally, revitalize with either our 60-minute or 90-minute Facials. Each service mirrors the Members Plan, only differing in cost, ensuring non-members experience the same level of care and attention.

Products Sold By Massage Green Spa

Bringing the healing power of touch beyond the massage table, Massage Green Spa proudly curates an exquisite selection of professional-grade products, namely the revered Skin Script brand.

As a leading name in skincare, Skin Script has been specifically designed to cater to the needs of certified professionals.

You’ll find treasures such as the Ageless Skin Moisturizer and Hydrating Serum among these outstanding offerings. Formulated with expert precision, these marvels hydrate and plump up your skin, lending a youthful, vibrant glow that defies the ages.

The Blemish Spot Treatment, another acclaimed product, targets and eliminates stubborn blemishes, bringing you one step closer to flawless skin.

Not far behind in popularity is the Charcoal Clay Cleanser. Infused with activated charcoal and kaolin clay, this unique blend dives deep into your pores, banishing impurities and restoring your skin’s natural radiance.

What sets Massage Green Spa apart is its commitment to individualized care. They offer tailored consultations to ensure clients find the products best suited to their unique skin profiles.

This personalized approach factors in various elements such as skin type, lifestyle, and individual concerns, paving the way for results that truly impress.

These products serve as powerful allies in your quest for skin revitalization. By aiding in repairing and nourishing damaged skin, they help create an at-home spa experience that echoes the quality and luxury of the services at Massage Green Spa.

Discover the synergy of expertly performed massage therapy and top-tier skincare, a combination that promotes overall wellness, reflecting the true ethos of Massage Green Spa.

Massage Green Spa Hours Of Operation

Embodying a commitment to accessibility and flexibility, Massage Green Spa’s operating hours span seven days a week, from Monday through Sunday.

Their doors swing open at the start of the day at 9:00 AM, remaining until 9:00 PM. This twelve-hour window provides ample opportunity for you to indulge in their luxurious services, irrespective of your busy schedule.

Here is a concise timetable of the spa’s hours of operation:

Operating DaysOperating Hours
Monday9:00am – 9:00pm
Tuesday9:00 am – 9:00pm
Wednesday9:00 am – 9:00 pm
Thursday9:00 am – 9:00pm
Friday9:00 am – 9:00 pm
Saturday9:00 am – 9:00pm
Sunday9:00 am – 9:00 pm

This commitment to round-the-clock services is a testament to Massage Green Spa’s dedication to your well-being. Regardless of the day of the week or time, the Spa stands ready, ensuring that top-tier wellness and beauty treatments are available to you at your convenience.

It’s an invitation to immerse yourself in an atmosphere of relaxation, serenity, and rejuvenation when you need it most. Don’t delay—step into a haven of tranquility and let Massage Green Spa transform your day.

Massage Green Spa Gift Cards

Gifting wellness and tranquility is now at your fingertips with Massage Green Spa’s Gift Cards. Available for purchase both in-person at the spa’s locations and through their easy-to-use online portal, these gift cards offer an extensive range of flexibility.

You can personalize the gift card value with preset options ($75, $100, $150, $200) or designate a custom amount that suits your preference. But the customization doesn’t end there.

The online process allows you to tailor the gift card according to the occasion – be it a birthday, Mother’s or Father’s Day, anniversary, or even a simple token of appreciation. Then, select a style that mirrors your intended sentiment, and add a heartfelt message.

Once you’ve previewed your unique gift card, pinpoint a delivery date for the surprise. The recipient will be overjoyed to discover a gift of rejuvenation waiting in their inbox.

And for those who’ve received these tokens of care, checking the balance or re-sending the gift card for shared joy is hassle-free. Gift a moment of serene relaxation with Massage Green Spa’s Gift Cards.

Massage Green Spa Membership

Immerse yourself in an oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation with membership from Massage Green Spa. Their diverse membership options cater to various needs, preferences, and budgets, ensuring everyone has access to the gift of wellness.

Are you ready for a year-long dedication to self-care? Opt for the ‘Tampa 12 Month Paid in Full’ membership, an investment that pays off in overall well-being.

For those seeking a shorter commitment, the ‘Tampa 6 Month Paid in Full’ membership is ideal, offering half a year of dedicated relaxation.

For the luxury-seekers, the ‘Tampa Ultra Luxury Plan promises a premium spa experience filled with superior services.

Consider the ‘ Tampa Wellness Combo Plan ‘ if you prefer a balanced blend of wellness modalities. Lastly, the ‘Tampa Wellness Plan 59.95 offers a cost-effective approach to frequent spa visits.

No matter which plans you choose, rest assured, knowing that rejuvenation awaits you at Massage Green Spa. Start your wellness journey with a membership that aligns with your personal wellness goals today.

Massage Green Spa Series Packages

For a deep dive into wellness and relaxation, consider Massage Green Spa’s exclusive ‘Platinum Package.’ With this, you can luxuriate in eight rejuvenating sauna sessions, harnessing the therapeutic benefits of heat.

Whether it’s for detoxification, improved circulation, or simply relaxation, each sauna session will leave you feeling renewed and invigorated.

Alternatively, the ‘Sauna Gold Package’ is a perfect choice for those who like to space out their spa visits throughout the year.

This package offers flexibility, expiring 365 days from the purchase, giving you ample time to schedule your self-care moments.

Regardless of the package chosen, a tranquil and healing experience awaits at Massage Green Spa. Begin your wellness journey with their specially curated packages today.

History Of Massage Green Spa

Originating from the heart of Michigan, Massage Green Spa is an emblem of relaxation and rejuvenation in the wellness industry, in the company of other significant wellness names like Woodhouse Day Spa and Planet Beach.

This iconic brand began its journey in 2008, under the discerning eyes of Allie Mallad, in the charming city of Dearborn.

He envisioned a space that perfectly embodied tranquillity, offering services like soothing full-body massages, revitalizing spa facials, and therapeutic infrared saunas.

With its roots in Southfield, Michigan, where the headquarters remain, Massage Green Spa became a major player in the wellness sector.

Leveraging Mallad’s extensive franchise experience, including stints with giants like Little Caesar’s, the spa expanded rapidly. By 2009, it had already propagated its first franchise.

Fast forward to today, Massage Green Spa has proudly employed approximately 1,500 professionals, serving customers across 54 locations.

With a significant presence in Michigan, California, Arizona, and the Southeastern United States, it’s hard to ignore their influence in the wellness sector. They’ve also gracefully unfurled their services in Texas, Colorado, Utah, Virginia, and Connecticut.

Over a decade has passed, but Massage Green Spa continues to resonate with Mallad’s initial dream, upholding its promise of delivering an unmatched relaxation and rejuvenation experience.

They remain committed to serving their customers’ wellness needs with locally-owned spa locations in ten states.

Final Words

Massage Green Spa holds a coveted position in the realm of relaxation and rejuvenation, striking a perfect balance between luxury and affordability.

With their competitive prices, they offer access to high-quality wellness services, making tranquility a reality for everyone.

This holistic experience, encompassing soothing massages, invigorating spa facials, and therapeutic infrared saunas, comes at prices that are impressively reasonable.

Every dollar spent at Massage Green Spa translates into an investment in self-care and well-being. Their prices embody the commitment to make wellness accessible without compromising on the quality of their services.

It’s a testament to their unique vision – ensuring everyone has the opportunity to immerse themselves in the benefits of restorative treatments.

So, whether you seek relaxation, rejuvenation, or a blend of both, Massage Green Spa Prices open the gateway to an oasis of tranquility where quality meets affordability.

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