Hollywood Tans Prices 2024 (Beyond The Price Tag)


With the ever-evolving landscape of the beauty industry, Hollywood Tans has consistently emerged as a beacon for indoor tanning enthusiasts.


Once known as Hollywood Tans Group LLC, this esteemed chain of salon franchises has undergone a significant transformation under the leadership of Lewis Shender.

Moving away from a rigid, one-dimensional approach, the company now champions flexibility, proudly offering a broad spectrum of tanning options. By 2024, their pricing, reflecting their commitment to quality, spans from a modest $8.00 to a premium $690.00.

However, it’s not just the range that captivates; it’s their emphasis on stellar customer service, cutting-edge equipment, and seasoned professionals that truly sets them apart.

Though Hollywood Tans was once viewed as monolithic in its offerings, today, it stands as a paragon of versatility and dedication in the business. As Hollywood Tans prices in 2024 shift to meet market demands, a keen eye on updated databases ensures enthusiasts stay informed.

Hollywood Tans Prices In 2024

Individual Tans

ServicesAverage Price
HT42 (1 Tan)$8.00
HT42 (5 Tans)$32.00
HT42 (10 Tans)$56.00
HT42 (20 Tans)$80.00
HT54 (1 Tan)$13.00
HT54 (5 Tans)$52.00
HT54 (10 Tans)$91.00
HT54 (20 Tans)$130.00
HT60 (1 Tan)$17.00
HT60 (5 Tans)$68.00
HT60 (10 Tans)$119.00
HT60 (20 Tans)$170.00
High Pressure (1 Tan)$22.00
High Pressure (5 Tans)$88.00
High Pressure (10 Tans)$154.00
High Pressure (20 Tans)$220.00
Premier (1 Tan)$27.00
Premier (5 Tans)$108.00
Premier (10 Tans)$189.00
Premier (20 Tans)$270.00

Monthly Tans

ServicesAverage Price
HT42 (2 Weeks)$19.50
HT42 (1 Month)$39.00
HT42 (3 Months)$99.00
HT42 (6 Months)$149.00
HT42 (1 Year)$249.00
HT52 (2 Weeks)$29.50
HT52 (1 Month)$59.00
HT52 (3 Months)$156.00
HT52 (6 Months)$234.00
HT52 (1 Year)$390.00
HT60 (2 Weeks)$39.50
HT60 (1 Month)$79.00
HT60 (3 Months)$196.00
HT60 (6 Months)$294.00
HT60 (1 Year)$490.00
High Pressure (2 Weeks)$49.50
High Pressure (1 Month)$99.00
High Pressure (3 Months)$236.00
High Pressure (6 Months)$354.00
High Pressure (1 Year)$590.00
Premier (2 Weeks)$59.50
Premier (1 Month)$119.00
Premier (3 Months)$276.00
Premier (6 Months)$414.00
Premier (1 Year)$690.00

UV-Free Instant Tans

ServicesAverage Price
1 Tan$25.00
5 Tans$105.00
10 Tans$185.00
20 Tans$330.00

Membership Programs

ServicesAverage Price
High Pressure$58.99

Products Sold By Hollywood Tans

Hollywood Tans isn’t just about tanning services; it’s a realm where product excellence meets user needs. You’ll be intrigued by their proprietary blend lotions, specially formulated to ensure a seamless and enriched tanning journey.

Consider amplifying your glow with their Maximizer or perhaps the Bronzer, each designed to bestow a radiant, sun-kissed sheen. For those seeking a subtle flush of sun, the Body Blush emerges as an impeccable choice.

Feel the intensity with Tingles, crafted for those who crave that extra sensation during their tanning session. And if you desire a golden touch without the rays, their Self-Tanner promises a flawless tan, anytime.

Dive into Hollywood Tans’ product line and witness a symphony of ingredients and innovation, curated just for you.

Hollywood Tans Hours Of Operation

Hollywood Tans, with its reputation for unparalleled services, ensures its hours of operation align with your hectic schedules.

Their meticulous planning means you can pop in after an early work meeting or perhaps indulge in a relaxing session post-lunch. And guess what?

They cater to your weekend plans too! It’s clear: convenience stands at the forefront of their operations. However, it’s always a smart move to double-check hours for the specific location you’re eyeing, as variations might crop up.

To avoid any hiccup, a swift verification at your nearby store is advised. But for a general guideline, here’s a handy snapshot of what you can typically expect:

Operating DaysOperating Hours
Monday10:00 am – 8:00 pm
Tuesday10:00 am – 8:00 pm
Wednesday10:00 am – 8:00 pm
Thursday10:00 am – 8:00 pm
Friday10:00 am – 8:00 pm
Saturday10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sunday11:00 am – 5:00 pm

Commit these hours to memory, and you’re all set for a seamless tanning journey!

Hollywood Tans Promotions

Hollywood Tans, renowned for its commitment to quality, consistently updates its product offerings to cater to the modern tanner.

Memberships grant you privileges like two bonus weeks of enhanced tanning and an array of apparel choices, signifying Hollywood Tans’ dedication to not just tanning, but the entire tanning experience.

Their unique, proprietary lotions stand testament to their industry expertise, ensuring that your skin reaps optimum benefits. Furthermore, the option to get a premium lotion bottle underscores their desire to deliver unmatched value.

Yet, it’s the ever-evolving discounts that truly encapsulate their dynamic approach. Staying abreast with their official website and social media is the key to accessing the freshest deals.

Remember, at Hollywood Tans, it’s not just about tanning; it’s about experiencing luxury, innovation, and the promise of perfection.

History Of Hollywood Tans

From its inception, Hollywood Tans has etched an unparalleled legacy, standing tall as the nation’s leading chain of professional tanning salons. With a robust presence from the bustling streets of New York to the scenic shores of California, the brand boasts over 200 salons.

Remarkably, these centers beckon tanners with an average of 15 state-of-the-art HT tanning booths, eliminating wait times and the need for appointments.

A mere half-decade into its operation, this family-owned entity enforces meticulous hygiene standards. Cleanliness reigns supreme; equipment undergoes thorough post-session sanitation, and even restrooms receive hourly attention.

Offering a palette of tanning options, including the Mystic Tan equipment and various membership schemes, clients find solace in consistency, with sessions starting devoid of timers, allowing for a serene tanning experience. Seattle Sun Tan and iTan also offer a range of tanning services and membership options, catering to diverse client preferences.

Additionally, membership privileges extend beyond borders, permitting access to any Hollywood Tans for a mere $3 per session.

Leveraging the charisma of celebrated “tan-bassadors” like Brandon Wynn and Maya Michelle Rew, Hollywood Tans effectively underlines the myriad reasons individuals gravitate towards tanning. The brand’s innovation doesn’t stop there.

Proprietary tanning lotions, skincare products, and bespoke booths have significantly bolstered their revenue streams, manifesting the brand’s commitment to quality. Today, over 140 independently operated salons champion Hollywood Tans, a testament to their enduring commitment to radiance and rejuvenation.

Final Words

After thoroughly examining the intricate layers of Hollywood Tans Prices, it becomes evident that their cost structure is more than just figures; it’s a testament to their commitment to excellence.

Their pricing model mirrors the premium services they provide, ensuring every client receives an unparalleled tanning experience. Balancing the scales of affordability and quality, Hollywood Tans has mastered the art of offering value-driven services.

Such deliberate pricing not only positions them as industry pioneers but also reinforces their dedication to customer satisfaction. With the semantic intricacies of their offerings, it’s vital for prospective clients to perceive the depth of value embedded within them.

Conclusively, while one might initially approach Hollywood Tans for their pricing, they invariably stay for the unmatched quality and expertise that has become synonymous with the brand.

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