Fiesta Salon Prices 2024 (Get The Look For Less)


Fiesta Salon presents a harmonious blend of quality and affordability in the realm of hair and beauty services.


With a keen focus on professional care, this guide offers an insightful look into Fiesta Salon prices in 2024, showcasing how excellence in haircuts, styling, and coloring can be accessible without stretching your budget.

This salon excels in providing exceptional services at prices that respect your wallet, setting a new benchmark in the industry.

Whether you’re eyeing a stylish new haircut or a bold color transformation, Fiesta Salon stands as a beacon for those who value both quality and cost-effectiveness.

Join us in unraveling the unique offerings and competitive pricing of Fiesta Salon, where every service promises to enhance your style quotient without compromising on quality or experience.

Fiesta Salon Prices In 2024


ServicesAverage Price
Kids Haircut$14
Men’s Haircut$22
Women’s haircut$22

Fiesta Salon stands out as a sanctuary for diverse hair care needs, offering a spectrum of haircut services tailored for every age and style preference.

Catering to the youngest clients, their Kids Haircut service promises a fun and comfortable experience for the little ones, ensuring they leave with a smile and a stylish look.

For men seeking a sharp and contemporary edge, Fiesta Salon’s Men’s Haircut service combines the latest trends with classic techniques.

Women can immerse themselves in a transformative experience with the Women’s Haircut service, where expert stylists craft cuts that accentuate their features and reflect their personality.

Each service at Fiesta Salon is a testament to their commitment to personalized care, ensuring everyone walks out feeling refreshed and confident.

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Tanning & Waxing

ServicesAverage Price
Tanning Bed Package (Monthly)$50
Tanning Bed Session$8

Fiesta Salon enhances your beauty regimen with its Tanning and waxing services, designed for those who seek a flawless finish.

Waxing services at Fiesta Salon are meticulous and gentle, ensuring smooth, hair-free skin that radiates confidence. Whether it’s shaping eyebrows or a full-body wax, their skilled aestheticians deliver precise and comfortable treatments.

For a sun-kissed glow, the Tanning Bed Packages provide a convenient monthly option, offering regular access to top-quality tanning beds.

Alternatively, individual Tanning Bed Sessions cater to those seeking an occasional bronzed look, perfect for special occasions or a quick boost of radiance.

These services underscore Fiesta Salon’s dedication to providing comprehensive beauty solutions that cater to your unique aesthetic desires.

Additional Hair Services

ServicesAverage Price
Bleaching$75 & Above
Hair Coloring$65 & Above
Perm$55 & Above

At Fiesta Salon, the array of Additional Hair Services offered expands beyond the basic haircut, catering to diverse hair care and styling needs. Bleaching services are meticulously executed, transforming your look with vibrant, bold colors or subtle, sun-kissed highlights. Each bleaching session is tailored to individual preferences, ensuring a result that complements your personal style.

Hair Coloring at Fiesta Salon is an art form, with a spectrum of shades available to match any mood or occasion. From rich, deep hues to light, playful tints, their coloring experts use premium products to achieve your desired look while maintaining hair health.

Perms at Fiesta Salon offer a lasting transformation, adding volume and texture to your hair. Whether you’re after tight curls or loose waves, their skilled stylists ensure results that are both beautiful and manageable.

Finally, the Blowout service provides a sleek, professional finish, perfect for special events or a boost of everyday confidence. Each blowout is a relaxing experience, leaving your hair smooth, shiny, and voluminous. These services at Fiesta Salon are not just treatments; they’re a pathway to self-expression and beauty enhancement.

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Products Sold By Fiesta Salon

Fiesta Salon emerges as a premier destination for hair care enthusiasts, offering an extensive range of Regis Brand products. This salon understands the essence of maintaining healthy, vibrant hair, catering to various hair types, whether thinning, color-treated, or in need of general nourishment.

Their shelves are adorned with an impressive selection of shampoos and conditioners, each formulated to revitalize and protect your tresses.

The spotlight shines on DesignLine, a flagship brand under Regis, known for its high-quality styling products, shampoos, conditioners, and essential hair accessories like brushes and combs. DesignLine’s commitment to excellence is evident in its ingredient choice, ensuring efficiency without compromising hair and scalp health.

Fiesta Salon’s curated collection extends beyond DesignLine, featuring revered brands such as American Crew, Redken, Biolage, Mizani, and Design Essentials. They cater to diverse styling preferences, from the classic allure of Paul Mitchell and Redken Brews to the innovative formulations of Sexy Hair, Total Results Hair Products, and Kenra.

Men’s grooming needs are meticulously addressed with MITCH Hair Products and Redken Brews, while Joico and It’s a 10 Hair Products offer solutions for specialized hair concerns.

Every product at Fiesta Salon undergoes rigorous testing, ensuring that only the highest quality items grace their shelves. This commitment to excellence guarantees that each purchase meets the salon’s stringent standards, ensuring customers leave with products perfectly suited for their hair care and styling needs.

Fiesta Salon Deals, Discounts & Coupons

Fiesta Salon, a gem within the Signature Styles family, stands out as a haven for hair and beauty treatments, where quality meets customer delight. Renowned for its array of hair care services, Fiesta Salon also excels in offering enticing deals and discounts, ensuring you can indulge in top-tier salon experiences without straining your budget.

Stay connected and in the loop with Fiesta Salon’s latest offerings by following their social media presence on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. These channels are buzzing with updates on current promotions, making it easy to snag a deal.

Moreover, subscribing to Fiesta Salon’s newsletter is a smart move. It puts you at the forefront of receiving news about upcoming offers, deals, and exclusive coupons directly in your inbox. This proactive approach ensures you’re always informed about the latest promotions, allowing you to benefit from these opportunities before they expire.

With Fiesta Salon, the possibilities to economize without compromising on quality are endless. Whether it’s an exclusive sale or a fleeting promotion, there’s always a savvy way to save while enjoying the salon’s acclaimed services.

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Fiesta Salon History

The Fiesta Salon, a part of the Signature Style owned by Regis Corporation, is an iconic establishment in the beauty industry. Established in 1973, Fiesta Salon has been providing quality salon services for over four decades.

Its locations across the United States offer a variety of services from haircuts to hair coloring and styling now Fiesta Salon has nearly 100 salons throughout Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, West Virginia & Ogio.

By joining forces with the Regis Corporation, Fiesta Salon has gained access to a network of more than 10,000 salons located around the world. With its commitment to providing clients with professional salon services at an affordable price point, Fiesta Salon continues to remain one of the most trusted names in beauty care.

It also offers customers access to exclusive discounts and deals that reward loyalty and patronage. With its wide array of offerings and skilled staff members, Fiesta Salon is definitely worth checking out for anyone looking for quality salon services at great prices!

Speaking of Regis history, Regis Corporation is an American beauty industry leader that has been around for many years, you can also explore Regis salon pricing here. Founded in 1922 as Kunin Beauty Salon by Paul & Florence Kunin, the business was originally based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

In 1958, Florence’s son Myron took control of the company and renamed it Regis Corporation after his father. Since then, Regis Corporation has grown to be a leading brand in the beauty industry. The brand now owns and operates over 10,000 salons worldwide under various brands including BoRics, Roosters Men’s Grooming, Holiday Hair & many more.

Even though it is under a larger brand, Fiesta Salon has managed to preserve its excellent customer service and provide clients with top-quality results.

Final Words

In summing up our comprehensive exploration of Fiesta Salon Prices 2024, it becomes clear that this salon exemplifies a harmonious blend of affordability and quality.

Tailored to meet diverse hair care needs, their pricing structure accommodates a wide spectrum of clients, from those seeking a quick trim to those desiring a full hair makeover.

Their commitment to providing value without compromising on the quality of services or products sets them apart in the competitive landscape of beauty and hair care.

Fiesta Salon’s approach to pricing not only respects your budget but also ensures a satisfying salon experience, underpinned by skilled stylists and top-grade products.

This makes Fiesta Salon a pragmatic choice for anyone aspiring to maintain or transform their look with professional care.

As we’ve delved deeply into the topic, it’s evident that Fiesta Salon stands as a beacon for those seeking excellence in salon services at prices that echo sensibility and customer-centricity.

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